The Wind Down, 11/18/2014

Chess in... Soviet Russia, I think?

Chess in… Soviet Russia, I think?

I’m falling so far behind on bigger topics that I keep meaning to write about. NFL drug raids? Is that story just gone? Yoan Moncada – maybe wait til he signs? Well, I think we’ll have a golf post tomorrow. Maybe Thursday? I’ll run through the playoff rankings tomorrow. In the meantime, read all of these links. I want full reports on every word. Good night and good morning! Continue reading…


UPDATE!!! Giancarlo Stanton contract details

In this undated image, it appears that Jeffrey Loria likes Giancarlo Stanton’s youth more than anything

Okay, so we’re finally getting some breakdowns on the Giancarlo Stanton $325M contract and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t righter than I expected that this is a win for the Marlins. Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 11/17/2014

I mostly steal pictures from twitter but I think this is actually a shirt on threadless

I mostly steal pictures from twitter but I think this is actually a shirt on threadless

Where did I go, my lovely? I wanna know. Sorry, didn’t really mean to take two days off. I had ideas for posts today but just spent my free time with this weird pins and needles feeling about what comes next in Ferguson. It’s a public safety measure just to go ahead and indict Darren Wilson. People get that an indictment isn’t a guilty verdict, right? It just means there’s a court case. Do people get that? I don’t really think so. Any way, here are a lot of links from unknown time and with perhaps little applicability to the world of this minute. Good luck, good night and good morning.

The heart-warming story of a sex offender who was on TV as one of the 15 most wanted criminals in America and how a family dog found his rotting skull in a field. There’s an aut-play video on the link, which is from CNN, and it features a balding Crispin Glover in the role of a lifetime. Continue reading…


CFB in not quite Primetime: The games you will actually watch

It is to be hoped that only one of these teams is in the playoff hunt after tonight

This is a huge day for my inner homer but the real star of the day is in Tuscaloosa. Why is it starting so early? Because of this scheduling there will be a Texas-Okie State game on opposite Miami-Florida State. There are some big games coming that don’t even need gambling to make them interesting. DON’T THINK I’M DISSUADING YOU FROM GAMBLING! I’m only highlighting the top of the top of national interest. By all means, get drunk, gamble your money away with bookies and hookers. Live a little! Wherever you go, whatever you do, college football will be right here waiting for you. Continue reading…


The Viewer’s Guide to Degenerate Football on TV, 11/15/14

This year’s patron saint of football that mostly exists for gambling purposes, Mr. Rakeem Cato

I’m starting this under the gun with only about 40 minutes to kickoff. Will you have a guide in time to know that the game you were considering adding to your parlay is on TV so you can have a heart attack in real time as SMU rises up to win against an 11-point spread at home (homecoming, even) against one of the worst teams in college football starting, I think, they’re 3rd-string QB? Well, yeah, because that’s not until 8pm EDT. Anyway, here’s what’s on. I’m gonna post without comments and maybe I’ll go back in and add them later. All times are Eastern because I do not, in fact, represent every day. Continue reading…


Hot stove hotness: Giancarlo Stanton

12 more years! 12 more years!

Baseball news outlets are tripping over themselves to figure out the exact terms of Giancarlo Stanton’s next contract right now. Remember earlier this year when Red Sox fans thought they might be able to get Stanton on the cheap because he got hit in the face by a pitch from Mike Fiers? Well, cheap is apparently 12 years, ~$325M because that’s the rumor going around. Continue reading…