World Series 2014 Preview Post

Those stupid little flags bug me for some reason

Those stupid little flags bug me for some reason

THE WAY TOO EARLY!!!™ World Series Preview Post is here as a remembrance of a season that went so well for some of us and burned into ashes at the hands of a team that we all took for granted. For the last month of the season all I hoped for was that the Orioles would fluke their way into playing the lowly Royals in the ALCS and then waltz into the Series. I can live with that kind of luck. Remember when the Tigers and A’s cemented their spots in the ALCS at the trade deadline? Remember the Angels rampaging through the season once they set their murderer’s row of relievers to complement the best offense in the game? Well, none of that matters now. Even the entirety of the NL kind of sucking doesn’t matter now. Because here we are. Continue reading…


Gone Girl: a spoilery discussion


I’ll give you one big spoiler right off the bat but I’ll save the rest for below the fold. I didn’t really like Gone Girl very much. It didn’t hit me as profound and it’s not problematic in the way that I expected it to be. I might need to give it a second shot but I feel like a lot of the rapture surrounding it as achievement is just so much more auteurist theory run amok. If somebody besides David Fincher had made the movie, I think the audience dynamics and expectations and forgivenesses would change radically even if it were the exact same flick from start to finish. It’s the same thing that happens every time there’s a new Scorsese movie now.



The Wind Down, 10/19/2014

This is some kind of mole that actually lives somewhere on earth

This is some kind of mole that actually lives somewhere on earth

Ahhhh, Monday morning! Yeah, that’s not how that song goes. I gotta tell you something about me. When I was a kid and I had a Summer break or a Christmas break, the dread I had the night before class started back up was so heavy on me that I seriously considered faking a fatal illness. I’m back in the office tomorrow! Or, as you read this or soon after you read this. I collected a bunch of these things on Friday night so they may or may not be new and exciting. Good night and good morning! Continue reading…


The Degenerate’s Guide To Watching Football, 10/18/2014

It’s football time!

I’ll be brief. Derelict in my degeneracy, perhaps. I won’t get to watch much football today but what I do watch will be from this list of games. I’m away from home so I’m relying on the sometimes blind eye of the ESPN scoreboard for times and stations. Let the drinking and gambling begin! All the times are Eastern: Continue reading…


Video: Ref helped the Patriots avoid a penalty on last second field goal UPDATED

Updated: Oh well, I was wrong. the NFL says this is standard operating procedure. Though there comparison to a receiver lining up isn’t really true. The receiver asks for assistance. But whatever.

Last night, the New England Patriots held on for a 27-25 victory over the rival New York Jets when defensive end Chris Jones blocking Nick Folk’s 58-yard field goal attempt as time expired. What many missed was what happened before the ball was snapped. There should have been a penalty.

Checkout the graphic and the video below (via You can see the official touch Dont’a Hightower, causing him to move away from standing over the center. According to the rule book, that should be a 5-yard penalty. Instead, the Patriots end up in a legal formation and end up blocking the kick.

16101471-mmmain Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 10/16/2014

We fight for our land of three apples!

We fight for our land of three apples!

Can I just tell you up front how much I don’t feel like doing this? And damn do I have a bunch of links I want to put on here today, too. But here we are and I’ll get through it one way or another. The another way is shoddy with scant explanation. Sounds good to me. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…