THE WIND DOWN, 12/10/2014

Hey, baby, how you feeling after a long day of Xmas shoppings and work and whatever socializin’ you’re doing’? Feeling pent up? Feeling all wired out? Why don’t you come on over here and wind down with some hot fresh links that will get your dogs to stop barking, I guarantee it.

We’ll just pretend I didn’t miss the last two days and focus on the good: there have been a few posts! Not even football posts! Well, here is a pile of links to make you feel more plugged into the world. Good night AND good morning. Continue reading…


Jon Lester and the danger of Cubs fan expectations

The first free agent signee of the year to match MLBTR’s contract expectations.

If you follow any Cubs fans or writers you may have the impression this morning that they won the 2015 World Series last night. They made what looks like a great free agent signing, giving Jon Lester $155M for 6 years and not losing a draft pick in the process. For a team with the resources and recent developmental successes of the Cubs that’s an amazing “get.” But how much does this really change the makeup of the club for next season? Continue reading…


Magic Johnson hopes the Lakers lose every game

You’re golden ticket to draft lottery ping pong balls!

For whatever reason, I’m not seeing any attribution as far as who Magic was talking to or what event he was at but it seems like a Newsday reporter got this great quote from Magic Johnson today: “I hope the Lakers lose every game, because if you’re going to lose, lose.” I’m sure this will go over well with the famously stable and well-reasoned Lakers fanbase. Continue reading…


One sad trade rumor from MLB

Baseball fans deserve better than this. Doug Fister being traded for Rougned Odor is something that shouldn’t be an IRL possibility but it is and the Nationals and Rangers can not get their heads out of their asses long enough to do some real fan service.


THE WIND DOWN, 12/7/14

Just some mini-golf. Nothing to worry about.

Just some mini-golf. Nothing to worry about.

The college football regular season is effectively over (technically there is one more game. Go Middies.) I’ll get to the final rankings some time this week. I want to put some more thought into it than I normally bother with because, hey, there’s time to do some thinking. My gut reaction is that the right final four is in there. For all of the slagging on the weakness of the B1G this year I guess people didn’t bother to take that extra step and look at how shitty the Big XII is. They aren’t much different in overall quality. Anyway, that’s for later. And so is the bowl predicting and the player of the year awarding. For now, you get these links, the ones that caught my cat fancy or dog fancy this weekend. Good night, good morning, and welcome to the work week. Continue reading…


College Football Championship Week: All of the footballs are in the air for gamblin’ and a watchin’

The festivities kick off tonight with these two rematchin’ it up.

The end of the CFB season is always a little bittersweet. I like the pageantry of awards and trophy giving and bowl games and all that shit but having only NFL games to watch is sort of an empty feeling. This week’s games are all on TV so you can finally get that long-awaited look at Iowa State’s team that you’ve been saving up for all season. I’m making a heel turn, though, and ignoring the off-the-radar stuff because it all looks horrible. Especially SMU at UConn but especially the C-USA championship. Stupid Marshall. Continue reading…