Johnny Football, pro day pioneer

All I needed to see

All I needed to see

If you love the NFL Draft like I do then you’ve no doubt already heard tell of Johnny Manziel’s great pro day. Not only did JFF make “all” the throws with accuracy and velocity, he did so while wearing full gear! Apparently, this is the first time a QB has ever done his full pro day drills in pads and a helmet and it is proof of how much JFF loves football and will most assuredly succeed in the NFL. It’s a tough claim to disprove so we’ll just go along with it, even with some doubt in the back of the mind.

At least where the NFL pundit class is concerned, JFF answered most of the questions that have until now dogged his pre-draft status even though he has been, at times, considered the best player in the draft. For all of the awesome entertainment JFF has provided over the past two seasons he’s an undersized system QB with a penchant for running. Manziel is pretty much a lock to go in the top 10 now but a great pro day with unprecedented skill displays doesn’t come anywhere close to guaranteeing a good career in the big league. The first guy that popped into my head:

Pro Day hall of famer

Remember how awesome it was that he could throw 50 yards while on his knees? Raiders fans probably remember how easily he could throw 10 feet into the dirt at about 175 mph better than all of his Hail Mary throws that would have come after he had been sacked.

Good for JFF at having a “great” pro day following Teddy Bridgewater’s “horrible” pro day. I guess Johnny will get drafted over Teddy (and it might as well be 1956 with those names.) Your pro day performance has little predictive ability in terms of a whole career. At least it means nothing to us yokels watching at home and the vast majority (really close to 100%, might even be 100%, which is a pretty solid majority) of NFL Draft reporters and blogs. Even though JFF broke new ground by wearing a helmet and pads, he might not actually be the first QB to be competent in in a helmet and pads. We’ll keep you posted on that as it develops.

One last capper that makes the point about reportage on the event seem extra silly. You’ve probably heard about all the QB pro days that the Browns are skipping and laughed at Oh, you stupid Browns! They’re scheduling private workouts with the top QBs, JFF included. They aren’t going out of their way to be hilarious, my guess is they just don’t expect to glean much useful information from these things. They might still be idiots but we can’t really tell that from our positions, you and me. Get it?


Watch: Tim Cowlishaw slams Kentucky

As we told you earlier, Manhattan Jaspers head coach Steve Masiello had his new job offer from the University of South Florida rescinded after it was revealed that he lied on his resume about earning a degree at the University of Kentucky. Not suprisingly, this was one of the hot take segments on ESPN’s Around the Horn. The Dallas Morning News’ Tim Cowlishaw, a regular on the show, took this as an opportunity to slam Kentucky:

“What’s the difference between having a degree from Kentucky and almost having a degree from Kentucky?”

Ignore the groans on set of show, they wanted to LOL just as much as you just did. Cowlishaw would later joke that he was trying to pick up Twitter followers.



Tom Izzo: “I have no interest in coaching the Detroit Pistons right now.”

One day ago, we told you about a rumor from USA TODAY’s Sam Amick, which stated that Michigan State Spartans head coach Tom Izzo was a target of the Detroit Pistons and owner Tom Gores, a Michigan State graduate. Izzo wanted to make it clear that he isn’t interested in the job, at least at the moment.

Izzo was on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday and issued the following non-committal denial:

“I have no interest in coaching the Detroit Pistons right now.”

You can watch and hear the interview here:

Continue reading…


Report: Steve Masiello lied on his résumé

Steve+Masiello+sRQRzoDnIVImLate last night, it was reported that the University of South Florida rescinded their offer to Manhattan head coach Steve Masiello due to inaccuracies discovered during a background check. Rumors spread on message boards such as Masiello being involved in some kind of illegal Kentucky Derby ticket ring. That isn’t true, but what is had to do with a claim on his résumé in which Masiello noted that he graduated from Kentucky with a degree in communications. According to a report from, he never did.

Masiello did attend Kentucky, and was a member of the basketball team, but the university has no record of him graduating. UK spokesperson Ashley Caresson confirmed this to ESPN. Continue reading…


Dayton newspaper still enjoying Flyers’ win over Ohio State

One of the bigger upsets of the first round involved the Dayton Flyers taking down in-state competitor Ohio State. The Buckeyes had been ducking the Flyers for years, and the newspapers in the area made sure to let those in Columbus know just who the big dog on the block was this season. Well, they haven’t let up.

The 11th-seeded Flyers continued their tournament run by advancing to the Sweet 16 and will play 10th-seeded Stanford. The Dayton Daily News followed up their initial knock of the Buckeyes while wish good luck to the Flyers:

Yep, those are buckeyes. Well played.



Stephen Ross foolishly believes that Mike Pouncey is ‘an outstanding young man’

imageTo say that Miami Dolphins owner has a good handle on the makeup of his football team would be horribly incorrect. He’s always come across in the media as someone who is much more interested in playing owner of an NFL football team, and not being an owner of an NFL team. He did little to hold players accountable for what happened with the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito bullying case last season, and his ringing endorsement for one of the participants in doling out the abuse, Mike Pouncey, continues to show just how out-of-touch he is with who he has working for him.

The Dolphins center is a very talented football player, make no mistake, but at no point should his character be given any credit, but that’s what Ross said when talking about Pouncey at the owner’s meetings in Orlando (via the Miami Herald): Continue reading…