Klay Thompson sets the NBA record for points in a quarter

These soulless eyes just burned the Sacramento Kings to the ground.

Sitting on my couch trying to convince myself to be healthy I decided to flip over to the Warriors-Kings game because the score was tight for the first half and DeMarcus Cousins apparently played the whole first 24. So by dumb luck I ended up watching NBA history as Klay Thompson turned into an NBA Jam cheat code. Continue reading…


Get to know the 2015 NFL Draft “risers” now!

The best football game of this weekend is filled with peanut butter.

I know some of you sick fucks will torture your souls this weekend by watching the Pro Bowl. I hope to god that makes you feel just terrible. I thought about doing a “serious” preview of the Pro Bowl where I broke down the matchups and the coaching staffs and gave serious advice on gambling the game but I couldn’t bring myself to it. I also wanted to do a post about my favorite NBA play of last night but my video quality was terrible and I’m apparently the only person who thought it was noteworthy. So what have I turned to? The next lowest kind of draft post next to the mock draft of somebody who doesn’t study team needs and doesn’t know how to assess talent: the diamonds in the rough! Except I’m not looking for the diamonds in the rough as in low draft picks, I just mean players that seem like they could make an immediate impact but aren’t already household names. Onward and upward, get ready to see these guys who are starring at the Senior Bowl practices playing in the NFL next year: Continue reading…


DeflateGate Day Four: It really is a league matter now

After listening to the press conferences from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady today, a thought hit me: Everything we think we know so far about the league’s investigation has come from a single “sourced” report from ESPN’s Chris Mortenson. So truthfully, we don’t “know” anything.

The sheer fact that the NFL has remained so silent on this and let the story drag on says an awful lot about the league and what they think happened. When Brady said today that he still hasn’t been talked to by Roger Goodell or anyone from the league, that really set off alarms. ┬áThe league originally said this would be resolved in two or three days at most (according to Troy Vincent). Today was day four, and they still apparently haven’t even bothered to talk to the first person that should have been involved – the man who, on Sunday morning grabbed a ball or two, tossed them around and said “That’s what I want to use for the game.”

Continue reading…


2015 Australian Open Preview

WHAT: The Australian Open, First Leg of Tennis’ Grand Slam

WHERE: Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia. Hard Court (Plexicushion since 2008)

WHEN: January 19 – February 1, 2015

DEFENDING CHAMPIONS: Gentlemen – Stan Wawrinka. Ladies – Li Na (retired and will not defend).

TOP FOUR SEEDS: Gentlemen–(1) Novak Djokovic (2) Roger Federer (3) Rafael Nadal (4) Stan Wawrinka. Ladies–(1) Serena Williams (2) Maria Sharapova (3) Simona Halep (4) Petra Kvitova

The Australian Open is the insomniac’s Grand Slam. Contested a world away, our friends (enemies?) of soccer can vouch for the pleasures of sports viewing at 3 AM. Of the tennis majors the Australian has proved to be the least predictive of the four. The men’s Final last year consisted of Rafa Nadal and Stan Wawrinka of which I didn’t watch a point live since I loathe Nadal and a victory seemed as sure as the sun rising. Imagine my surprise to awaken to a Wawrinka rout. Its sports, you never know! But that’s often the M.O. of this tournament; it’s the most laid back of the Slams which may produce more regular upsets than the others. Continue reading…