Video: Ref helped the Patriots avoid a penalty on last second field goal UPDATED

Updated: Oh well, I was wrong. the NFL says this is standard operating procedure. Though there comparison to a receiver lining up isn’t really true. The receiver asks for assistance. But whatever.

Last night, the New England Patriots held on for a 27-25 victory over the rival New York Jets when defensive end Chris Jones blocking Nick Folk’s 58-yard field goal attempt as time expired. What many missed was what happened before the ball was snapped. There should have been a penalty.

Checkout the graphic and the video below (via You can see the official touch Dont’a Hightower, causing him to move away from standing over the center. According to the rule book, that should be a 5-yard penalty. Instead, the Patriots end up in a legal formation and end up blocking the kick.

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The Wind Down, 10/16/2014

We fight for our land of three apples!

We fight for our land of three apples!

Can I just tell you up front how much I don’t feel like doing this? And damn do I have a bunch of links I want to put on here today, too. But here we are and I’ll get through it one way or another. The another way is shoddy with scant explanation. Sounds good to me. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…


Heismanic, Week 8, 2014

I remember how awesome this was when he did it and I’ve always hated seeing it copied repeatedly.

I don’t even know what I’m doing here anymore. Tevin Coleman and Shaq Thompson got votes in the Heisman Pundit Straw Poll so maybe my work is done? Never, really. Look, Mariota will stay in the race, Melvin Gordon should stay in the race, Dak Prescott who I haven’t even written about should stay in the race if Miss State loses one or fewer games. Amari Cooper is waiting in striking distance so long as Lane Kiffin doesn’t torpedo the Tide’s playoff chances (and ruin Cooper’s pro preparation in the process.) Those are big conference schools with varying degrees of realistic shots at the playoffs. So I’ll have to dig in a little deeper. There are lots of fun players in FBS and I’m determined to find the coolest. Remember, the numbers don’t particularly matter and aren’t indicative of the player’s chance to win my award (THE HEISMANIC NATIONAL VIRTUAL TROHPY AWARD), let alone the Heisman. Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 10/15/2015

Pile O' Tires, Spain

Pile O’ Tires, Spain

The Orioles season ended today to the unexpected juggernaut that is the Kansas City Royals. Did you know that the Giants were originally formed from the good parts of a team called the Baltimore Orioles and that’s why their colors are the same? The parts they left behind in Baltimore followed them to New York and eventually became the Yankees. The Royals were the first team to ever sweep this version of the Orioles out of the postseason. Good night and good morning! Continue reading…


Ryder Cup 2016


The 2015 PGA Tour season cranked up its first event of the season last week. What’s that? Its still 2014? Hey, thats not my problem Jack, take it up with Tim Finchem. I find myself outside his inner circle but it would appear he took a page out of Roger Goodell’s book of tyranny and decided golf should take place every week of the year. Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 10/14/2014

I really should have paid attention to who put this on twitter. It murders me with laughter

I’m a little bit on the come down from drinking, I’m tired, I’m out of my element, and I’m currently hating the hell out of sports. Can’t just be happy that the team I love that I expected to win no more than 85 games this year is in the ALCS? No, I’m pouting like a grown jerk. I’ve got a million links open and I’m being pressured to go to sleep so I’ll be mostly brief. There will be a golf post tomorrow from a new-to-this-site writer and maybe a Heismanic post. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…