Charlie Sifford and Why His Legacy Is Limited

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post originally ran on November 20, 2014 but in honor of Charlie Sifford’s legacy we are re-publishing it today.

Charlie Sifford

Charlie Sifford

Last week, our friend @BushMush suggested a post on Charlie Sifford in light of the announcement of his honor by the White House. This was a rather obvious topic to tackle for a golf blog so I agreed immediately to do so with a guarantee of a post in our normal Thursday morning slot. That was Monday morning and after 6 or 7 re-writes, I finally conceded that whatever I had written simply wasn’t good enough and begged a postponement for a week. This space is something I do for fun. I am not trained nor do I even pretend to be a “writer” by any stretch. Thus, a post from a 43-year old white man on the legacy of Charlie Sifford in golf is absurd. To borrow from President Obama, it’s way above my pay grade. Nevertheless, there also doesn’t seem to be any reason not to try. Race relations require debate and open dialogue. Both are scarce resources in the Twitter age. What we will try to do here is rather than look at history extensively we will instead evaluate what has changed for the PGA and golf itself since Sifford broke a lesser known “color barrier.” Continue reading…


2015 Australian Open Rewind

The Australian Open closed up shop for the year last weekend in a rather mundane, chalky fortnight. This post isn’t exactly timely but I didn’t see much sense in posting yesterday in the shadows of the Worst Coaching Decision Known To Man(Trademarked). There were no titanic upsets nor any classic matches which had been routine in Melbourne recently. Both top seeds, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic, more or less cruised to Championships almost unchallenged. On the mens side in particular its possible that never have the powers at the top of the draw been more reliable. In fact, 7 of the top 8 seeds reached the Quarterfinals with the only failure coming incredibly from the once indomitable Roger Federer. To follow will be a look back at predictions and how we fared as well as tournament grades for the sports biggest names. Continue reading…


Weird moments in league promotion: the Warriors Chinese New Year jerseys

Remember, the one on the left came first or something.

The Golden State Warriors (and the Houston Rockets but the Warriors have league status as the first to do it?) are going to be wearing special uniforms during the Chinese New Year this season. This is a nice nod to the large Asian population in the Bay Area. But the Warriors President & COO, Rick Welts, couldn’t quite make it all the way through the announcement without making things a little weird. Continue reading…