The Wind Down, 10/28/2014

It's just some ice melting but it looks like an alien warship

It’s just some ice melting but it looks like an alien warship

I’m trying to keep this a little bit brief but we’ll see how well I do. This week has the most sports action on TV that we get all year. Football, basketball, baseball, and hockey seasons are overlapping right now. We’ve got a game 7 in the World Series tomorrow/tonight. We got the first CFB playoffs poll ever (I meant to post about that but it came out at exactly the wrong time for me.) The NBA season opened and the Lakers had several layers of disaster going on, culminating in rookie lottery pick Julius Randle fracturing his tibia. Good god y’all. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…


The NBA season is upon us


I’ve been more excited about this upcoming NBA season than any I can remember since Chris Webber was a Bullet. Unfortunately, the more I read other people who live and die for the NBA the more I feel like I don’t actually have any clue of what I’m watching. I mean, I can draw the same conclusions (i.e., this team is better than this one, this is a good player, this is a bad matchup, et al.) but I can’t show my work on how I got there. I’m just going to leap into the abyss like a dummy and make some unbased (god. Are we even still doing that? How did Lil B ever get popular enough for that joke to stick, anyway?) predictions for the upcoming season. Yell at me. Tell Irish to come over. Maybe I’ll tell him myself. Maybe he’ll show up. Just in case he does DWIGHT HOWARD IS THE WORST!!!! Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 10/27/2014

This is what I feel like when I sit down to write

This is what I feel like when I sit down to write

Three days of collecting links and I still don’t have much for you. I want to come up with something better than just regurgitation and stupid jokes but I am what I am at this point. By “at this point” i mean in my life. I really wish I had the knowledge necessary to make an NBA preview that had a purpose. I wish I could tell you whqt to expect from the World Series or the first CFB playoff poll. I don’t know those things and I do not wish to pretend. Here are things to read. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…


“More teams than ever” to move to L.A.

Coming back to L.A. for 2015!

I’ve been trying to figure out a post about the NFL coming back to L.A. for a few weeks now, ever since the mayor talked about how “highly likely” it is that the NFL will come back to the Los Angeles market. It seems closer than ever even though there is no really obvious movement on the topic in and around L.A. Yesterday Jason LaCanfora posted a somewhat vague article on CBS alluding to the possibility of either the Raiders or Rams moving back to L.A. as soon as next season. Know that I’m just reading tea leaves here, I don’t have intimate sources.

Either in 2015 or 2016, the Rams are going to come back to their longest tenured home, Los Angeles. I think Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s ties to the area are somewhat over-stressed in that whether he owned appropriate land in Inglewood or not, he’s looking to put his team where it becomes the most valuable. The land he acquired from his wife’s family business (Wal-Mart) is actually pretty valuable whether it turns Inglewood back into the City of Champions or if it becomes a part of some massive retail or mixed use development. Continue reading…


Oscar Taveras: 1992-2014

Oscar Taveras 1992-2012So a twenty-two year old died.* We know about it because he was at one point the top prospect in baseball, and as recently as two weeks ago he was making a difference in NL Championship games. This isn’t the reason it is sad he died, which I presume you know since you are a human being. I am far from worthy of being the moral police, and I have made many jokes in my time about serious subjects, but making light of the death of a man who could barely drink legally in America seems offputting to me.

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The Degenerate’s Guide To Football Watching, 10/25/2014

I don’t know where this cat came from but I can tell you he’s watching from kickoff in Dallas until his illegal feed of Nevada @ Hawaii goes out.

Welcome back to this post and welcome home for me. If you’re new to the concept of degenerate football it’s the unimportant FBS games that populate your channel guide throughout the day with particular weight given to late night games. If you’re watching alone and drinking all day then you’re on the right path. If you’re kind of ashamed of yourself the whole time, even better. If you feel the need to lie about what you’ve done then you got the whole concept right and this is for you. All start times are Eastern and the channels are just what I’ve got available to me as a West Coast DirecTV subscriber (like an idiot.) If you use illegal streams there are even more options than what I’ve got here. Continue reading…