Charlie Weis Gunt ‘O the Day

In this wholly original idea for a new feature I would like to point your attention to something breathtakingly beautiful. This is not some leftist smear campaign against an American patriot and presidential frontrunner. This is an appreciation of a young coaching career that had brilliant ideas but no foundational support to realize them all.

The smrtest man in football history


Sepp Blatter resigns amidst a really stupid idea from Darren Rovell

I went ahead and screen-capped the tweet where RTARL fanboy Rovell predicts some upstart rival to FIFA swooping in and taking over the soccer world in light of Sepp Blatter’s re-election to and subsequent recusal from the president’s chair at the only governing body capable of running the World Cup and organizing all of the various leagues and tournaments around the world. It just seems like the sort of thing that will get deleted because it’s embarrassing. Continue reading…


Other Important Wrestling Terms

So you’ve heard a lot about the Dusty Finish this evening, that is if you watched wrestling instead of Game of Thrones. Boy, Game of Thrones. Row your boat gentlemen. Row your boat. As such, because I’m an elitist (about professional wrestling?) I’d like to share other incredibly important terms that every hip cat is aware of lest you shame yourself in front of your social group the next time they are discussing professional wrestling.

Riding Space Mountain; Having sex with an elderly playboy for pleasure.

The PG Era; Wrestling without precious, precious blood. A lack of female nipples being promised that you will not see regardless, AS IS YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT.
Continue reading…


Diary of an Atlanta boy at the Eastern Conference Finals

Driving toward downtown, most of the rest of the city seems oblivious. In the suburbs, ad hoc merchandise tents have popped up selling Hawks gear of questionable license. Along Ponce, however, you’d be hard pressed to find any evidence that the hometown hoops team was an hour and a half away from taking the floor in the most important game of the season. At first blush, it makes no sense. Once you understand Atlanta, however, this is business as usual. Continue reading…


This is what you get for cheering for the Clippers in the first place

I had considered skipping game 6 and just going to see Fury Road tonight but I keep thinking, “hey, I’ve rooted for the Clippers when Loy Vaught was easily their best player, I should at least stick around and see them (hopefully) get to their first ever conference finals.” Right now I really wish I had just gone to the damn movie. Continue reading…