The Wind Down, 10/23/2014


I’m not usually a workin’ for the weekend kind of guy but I am strugglin’ right now. Haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep all week even with the place to myself. Why am I whining? Because my eyes are gluing themselves shut as I write this and it’s annoying me. Here’s the last one of these for the week. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…


Which Golf Major Produces the Flukiest Winners?


Do you remember the 1990 PGA Championship? It really sucked because Wayne Grady won it. It always drove me crazy as a kid and young man when some lesser being thwarted history and took away Majors from the gods of the game (Fred Couples finished 2nd that tournament). Still does in fact. But as a golf fan, you would think I would get used to it. The vagaries and nature of golf lends itself to the best players winning at a lower clip than any other sport by far.

With that, I thought it might be useful to examine which of the four Major Championships is most likely to crown a dark horse champion. Or to be less polite, which of the four has delivered more fluke winners on average over the years. Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 10/22/2014


No posts all day so what am I winding down from? There will be a new golf post tomorrow. Maybe I’ll get to do a Heisman post. I’m not making any promises. I’ve got a bunch of links so that’s sort of like a full day’s work. I’m making a point to actually post this before I go to bed. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 10/21/2014

Be real, this Macho Man tribute to Mr. Perfect is the greatest thing ever made by anybody ever. The Mona Lisa, Scream, Sunflowers, Sunrise, Hamlet, David, fuck y’all. Y’all on notice, aright? Actually, I’m watching The Simpsons “Bart’s Comet” right now and it really might be the best episode of any show ever. Everything about it is just fucking awful for every character involved. Goddammit that’s good. Anywho, here’s a bunch of other stuff that I hope will infect your brain like a mind slug or a hypno-toad. Good night and/or good morning. (Did I get that right, finally?) Continue reading…


David Ortiz took a selfish

This picture disturbs me for a lot of reasons. First, there’s David Ortiz being involved. Second, Frank Thomas seems to have had some of his skull shaved off. Third, I think they’re at a green screen stadium. Fourth, Frank Thomas may actually be a cardboard cutout. Fifth, It kind of looks like Frank Thomas has hand on Ortiz’s leg. Sixth, David Ortiz’s suit. Seventh, is Ortiz straddling a guard rail? Taking a selfish indeed.


The Wind Down, 10/20/2014

Aliens invading Long Beach via boat

Aliens invading Long Beach via boat

Have you ever noticed how sitting around by yourself drinking a lot of beer and watching TV for hours on end isn’t a very good confidence builder? Also, if you sit wrong you can end up with a pain in your neck that seems to haunt the rest of your life. So, anyway, enough about science and research. How was your day? Uh huh. Go on. Welp, that’s great, glad to hear it. Here’s a bunch of links. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…