Payback, NXT Takeover, And the Problem

I’m so tired.Paige being awesome

So WWE Payback is in the books and it was pretty amazing, all things considered. The main event pitting the Shield against Evolution was kind of disgusting at a few points (In my old age I apparently have a queasy stomach, and the lets beat the shit out of Roman Reigns with sticks when we’ve clearly won the match point in the proceedings made me angry). Bray Wyatt and John Cena had the bout they should have had last month and Dave Meltzer called it a match of the year candidate. So that’s good. Both these matches made no sense based on the rules involved but hey, complaining about wrestling making sense is a fool’s errand.

Except in NXT.
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BREAKING! A professional bowler named Dareus has been arrested!

This is considered false advertising, you can PayPal me with any contributions to the legal fund

This is considered false advertising, you can PayPal me with any contributions to the legal fund

A shocking headline on ESPN says that Pro Bowler Dareus has been arrested for drugs! I knew he was on something with the way he’s been carving up the lower leagues lately. It’s probably meth or heroin! Or oxy. Whatever it is, all of those 300 games will mean nothing if

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Way Too Early!* 2014 NFL Mock Draft

This used to mean something more to me when there was a future NCAA football game coming out later in the year

This place is looking pretty sparse these days but I thought I’d just go ahead and take it out for a spin with the most classic of all classic sports-blogger link-bait traps in all of link-baitdom. I don’t know how to make those things get traffic, though (witness my own failed and abandoned projects like NFL Blind Items), so if you find this go ahead and tell a friend. Or close it now. It’s here waiting for you either way.
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WWE Network Does What You Should’ve Expected

netSo the WWE Network numbers came out after Wrestlemania. They announced 667,000 or so people signed up for the WWE Network for the pleasure of watching Mania and the next five PPVs, plus literally every PPV WWF, WCW, and ECW ever put out, plus a bunch of other stuff. For this people agreed to pay $9.99 a month over six months. This seems pretty great to me, but I’m a wrestling fan. This is the problem.

The thing about the WWE Network that has never made sense to me, and with the benefit of these numbers proves my non-sense makin’ made sense, is that in 2014 there are very few wrestling fans. The WWE stock shot over thirty dollars before the Network number announcement and is currently sitting at about twenty-one bucks because a million people didn’t buy the Network like they promised. This was predictable, and I assure you my greatest life regret will be not buying WWE stock in January so I could sell it before Mania. It was probably literally the only thing I’ve understood ever.
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The Odds-On Favorite: Wrestlemania XXX Odds

Yes, you know you might have a gambling problem when you’re looking for lines on a completely scripted, predetermined event. But every year, online sportsbooks (and some, shall we say “less than legal” live action takers…) will offer up lines on the WWE’s showcase celebration, Wrestlemania.  This year is no different – with eight matches on the PPV card, and almost fifty options to bet on throughout the night, there is a real chance to make some real money. So let’s dive in.

** Expect that the rest of this column may contain spoilers, storylines, and recaps of previous shows.

Disclaimer: Gambling on sports is illegal unless you are in Las Vegas or Delaware. Also, if I’m horribly incorrect with these picks – as I have occasionally been in the past – I’m sorry in advance. If you can’t afford to lose, don’t play. John Anthony – “The Million Dollar Man with the Billion Dollar Plan” – is not a real person. All lines from Bovada.LV are accurate as of the time picks were made – Thursday Night. That about covers it.

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Ian Darke shines in ESPN FIFA World Cup ad

ESPN ‘s last FIFA Men’s World Cup as rights holders (for a while) will take place in Brazil later this year, and they are pulling out amazing tricks to put pressure on the next rights holders (Looking at you, FOX) with regards to their football (nee soccer) coverage.

Take a gander at this YouTube ad that tWWL just put out earlier today.

Americans have come to love this English announcer, for many a reason. For Landon. For Abby. For Dos A Cero. For many many more.

The power of Gus has a lot of work to do to try to meet the standard set.