Resurrecting the Four Tops in San Diego

There’s a Padres uniform and Justin Upton making an out. This is the first preview of the Padres 2015 season.

I don’t want to give the impression that I like what the Padres are doing from a baseball standpoint but the PR of it is pretty nice for San Diego baseball fans who are only looking at star power. Still, it’s been a while since the Padres had any star power at all at the plate. Last year’s nosedive into the garbage bin of history when they were hitting a combined .210 as a team through July wasn’t the biggest surprise in the world when you’re lineup is anchored by Jedd Gyorko and Seth Smith. But it’s a new day! Continue reading…


Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods As Bridesmaids, Part I



So, I got to thinking more about the Tiger Woods-Jack Nicklaus comparisons after last weeks post and despite the Greg Norman tease I think this makes a better read. Even most casual golf fans know Woods has dedicated his life to surpassing the record 18 professional Majors won by Nicklaus. Not as many know that Jack holds the record for most second place finishes as well with 19. While the most wins is still in play for Woods, however remotely, with only 6 runner-up finishes its safe to say Woods will never approach that record. Not that he wants it of course. But I’ve long held that in evaluating each career Nicklaus faced much stiffer competition than Woods has. To contradict myself slightly, today’s Tour is far deeper than what Nicklaus faced in his prime. Continue reading…


The First Week Of Bowl Season, 2014

Rashard Higgins is the patron saint of this year’s bowl games.

It’s the most wonderful time, it’s the hap-happiest time, it’s the most bowliest time of the year! I’m going to have a post each Monday for the next 3 weeks, breaking down the bowl games with my much vaunted expertise at picking college football games. My picks are in relation to the spread, not necessarily winners. So keep that in mind if what I write make no sense.

Don’t forget to join the Sparty Blog Bowl Pick’Em Game on yahoo! The password is SPARTY, if it asks. Continue reading…


The Wind Down, 12/14/2014

Interference Pattern

Interference Pattern

College football’s regular season is over and we’ve got a reigning Heisman Trophy winner for 2014. Marcus Mariota basically pulled off the single-player equivalent of a team going wire-to-wire #1. We’ve still got doubters out there who feel like he’s a system product but that’s sort of irrelevant right now. Bowl Season is starting and you can win the esteem of some of your peers by joining my pick’em game. Id you are asked for a password, it’s SPARTY. Good luck, good night, and good morning! Continue reading…



The winner of the virtual trophy can print out this image and carry it in his resume folder.

Here it is, the second annual Heismanic National Virtual Trophy Award© presentation! It took me a long time and a lot of hours of watching a lot of terrible football and some great football but I’ve finally come to my conclusion. First, though, let me point out that if I were somehow raising money through the posting of these opinion pages that money would go towards mental health outreach programs. I changed the title of these posts to Heismanic after I was diagnosed with depression and I’m of the mind that we’d do very well as a country to allocate more resources towards mental health research and treatment. But enough of this somber stuff, let’s talk about Football!

My methodology here at the end is a slight departure from what I’ve done all year (very slight) and a little different than the way I did things last year. I’m going to give you my ballot, if I were casting a vote. That means my top 3 players for the year, in order, after the jump. Since Army-Navy takes place after the ballots are due we’re all just taking it on good faith that Keenan Reynolds won’t ratchet into contention this weekend. He’ll be (not joking) an early season dark horse next year when he shreds the NCAA record book for career TDs. Continue reading…


The Future of the PGA Tour in a Post Tiger World



Eldrick Tont Woods made his vaunted return to (sort of) competitive golf at the Hero World Challenge last week and as you likely heard it didn’t go well finishing dead last in a truncated 18 man field. The picture above is somewhat misleading as by all accounts he didn’t hit the ball that poorly. (I admittedly only caught highlights. I’m a huge golf fan but it’s not for me in December on Championship weekend). Here is a nice breakdown of Woods’ swing from last year to now by Gary Koch of NBC. Woods looks leaner, more flexible and I particularly like how the club is parallel and straight to the target line at the top rather than slightly laid off as before. What should give rise to Tiger fans the most is the finish looks as close to 1998ish as he is likely capable of doing now. Continue reading…