Heismanic, Week 10, 2014

The Heisman Trophy, perhaps ironically, doesn’t act like he’s been there before after scoring a touchdown.

We got our stupid FBS playoff poll thingy this week. Some people are saying™ that we should now push for what everybody© wants: more playoffs! Agitate wildly! Maybe more people want that than not. I think we take sports a bit too seriously and wish we could go back to 11-game seasons where the champion may not be particularly deserving and a team that’s good through seven games can line up a massive bowl payout before being exposed and losing three of their last four. I don’t know much but I do know that the way I enjoy sports is much preferable and much classier than the ways in which you enjoy sports. What is this prelude? It doesn’t relate to the rest of this but it’s the vestigial remains of my planned poll post. But that’s all you’ll get. This one is for the players. Continue reading…


World Golf Hall of Hype (Fame)

World Golf Hall of Fame St. Augustine, Florida

World Golf Hall of Fame
St. Augustine, Florida

*Caution: This post isn’t as long as it looks. Much of it are lists that can be skimmed over or ignored. The critic is urged to hang in there.

Cooperstown. Canton. St. Augustine?

Well sure, the World Golf Hall of Fame lacks the gravitas and tradition of the baseball and football editions. It was first opened in 1974 and housed at Pinehurst resort so suffice it to say this isn’t exactly a fair fight. In 1986 the PGA of America took over administration eventually constructing the facility in St. Augustine where the Hall has stood since 1998. That brief history aside, backbiting and strife has rose up mostly around who has been deemed a Hall of Famer. Continue reading…


Hate to Rain on Your Not Parade

royalsThe Royals aren’t very good. I can see why this is an arguable point to people, as they just watched them lose the World Series in a game seven by one run, with a guy on third, with two outs. That’s because baseball is stupid. Everybody gets in the postseason now (and I’m aware the Royals would have been the wildcard anyway under the old system but go with me here) and any team can get hot over a limited number of games. This is why crowning a real champion in baseball used to involve a 154 (and later a 162) game season, because THAT ACTUALLY TEACHES YOU WHO THE BEST TEAMS ARE. Baseball isn’t basketball, where the best team utterly dominates truly inferior teams in seven games (generally four games) and usually win series when talent is closer. It isn’t football where you can’t play football anymore than you already do because playing football actively kills you. Any major league team can beat any other major league team in a seven game series (I’ve seen smart people argue that AAA teams would win two or three out of ten), so when you put the teams that make this silly tournament we call the playoffs together and already eliminate the bottom twenty contenders anything can and does happen. This year the Royals won every game up until the World Series and came within a homerun in the bottom of the ninth of winning it all.

They still aren’t very good, and they aren’t set up to be good.
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The Wind Down, 10/30/2014

Have I used this before?

Have I used this before?

The Giants won the World Series and the internet hated beyond proper expressions a bunt attempt that appeared to let Madison Bumgarner (drink) stabilize. It was heartbreaking to sit with a bunch of Royals fans and know the only chance to win after Alex Gordon’s whatever you call it was for a past ball or something. Sal Perez not striking in the bottom of the 9th out was the biggest surprise of the game. Anyway, I haven’t really sought links so we’ll see how long this post last. Good night and good morning. Continue reading…


Todd Gurley’s suspension and the Heisman race

You’ve got the look

Now that Todd Gurley’s suspension has been extended two more games, the question becomes: can he win the Heisman with only 8 games played? I think Donovan McNabb would say he could. But he also would say that he might not think so. So what do you think? Let’s dig inside the numbers: Continue reading…