Infographic: Cost of Proposals at Baseball Stadiums

Another infographic that came out yesterday aside from the Facebook Data Science to commemorate Opening Day came from Swimmingly. The site asked all 30 MLB franchises about their rates when it comes to proposals.

Five teams (Blue Jays, Angels, Royals, Orioles, Mets) don’t offer such an event to be a part of the official baseball in-game experience.

PNC Park has the cheapest (at just $39 for a message that is written on the scoreboard). In contrast, Dodger Stadium has the most expensive (at $2500 for a live video board proposal).

But hey as what the site said, you could just pop the question during a pitching change. Or do what Kanye West did.

  • cycledan

    Somehow, I just don’t get the whole public proposal thing. Even now, kids are planning out weeks in advance how to ask girls out to the junior or senior prom in some creative fashion. But if someone can make a buck on displaying a public proposal, they should go for it. I wasn’t that creative with my wife but it will be 25 years this summer. Then again, back in those days, I would have struggled to get a message up even on the Pirates scoreboard.