Watch: Tim Cowlishaw slams Kentucky

As we told you earlier, Manhattan Jaspers head coach Steve Masiello had his new job offer from the University of South Florida rescinded after it was revealed that he lied on his resume about earning a degree at the University of Kentucky. Not suprisingly, this was one of the hot take segments on ESPN’s Around the Horn. The Dallas Morning News’ Tim Cowlishaw, a regular on the show, took this as an opportunity to slam Kentucky:

“What’s the difference between having a degree from Kentucky and almost having a degree from Kentucky?”

Ignore the groans on set of show, they wanted to LOL just as much as you just did. Cowlishaw would later joke that he was trying to pick up Twitter followers.


  • Bill

    How “would ” Cowlishaw possibly know the difference, he never attended UK. Just another person trying to be something he definitely “is not.”