Tom Izzo: “I have no interest in coaching the Detroit Pistons right now.”

One day ago, we told you about a rumor from USA TODAY’s Sam Amick, which stated that Michigan State Spartans head coach Tom Izzo was a target of the Detroit Pistons and owner Tom Gores, a Michigan State graduate. Izzo wanted to make it clear that he isn’t interested in the job, at least at the moment.

Izzo was on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday and issued the following non-committal denial:

“I have no interest in coaching the Detroit Pistons right now.”

You can watch and hear the interview here:

Those last couple of words leaves it open that his interest could change at any moment, or at least whenever it is that the Spartans season is over.

Izzo, or any sought after coach for that matter, is in a tough spot when rumors like these come out. No matter what they say, it leaves questions. If he comes out and says blankly that he is never going to leave, he backs himself into a corner for any future contract negotiations. Also, people probably think he’s lying, because we’ve seen coaches say that and then bolt. If he says what he said above, it leaves questions about his committment at MSU. There is no answer that will satisfy.

Izzo first responded to the rumors yesterday on WDFN in Detroit and pointed the finger at the media for how out-of-control it got:

I’m upset with the media, because somebody’s sitting in the basement making up stuff. And it’s embarrassing to me. It’s embarrassing to me for the Detroit Pistons. When it comes on a across a headline “Tom Izzo says he has no interest” or whatever, that wasn’t even the case. The problem is nobody’s even talked to me. I get all these things. “I know you’ve talked to this person.” “I know you’ve talked to that person.” Because that makes it look embarrassing, like the Pistons have called me, and said something, and I’ve said I had no interest. First of all, nobody has contacted me in any way, shape or form. I don’t have an agent, so they can’t go through my agent. It’s just so ridiculous. Somebody can just make it up. And that’s the Twitter generation. You wonder why I don’t like it.

First of all, to media out there that started that thing, shame on you.
I’ve never met or talked to Tom Gores. I have a great respect has done. I pull for the Pistons every day. I feel for what Joe Dumars is going through. Never once met or talked to him. So, all the all the people who tell me how many times I’ve talked to him or done this, to be very blunt about it, Matt, it gets sickening.

Well, nobody said Izzo spoke with the Pistons, at least not Amick. That’s not to say that his agent has never fielded any type of interest call.

Izzo also needs to accept some of the blame for people wondering about whether or not he would stick around East Lansing. While I believe he will never depart, he does himself little favor when he whines about frustrations about recruiting, and past daliances with the NBA.

  • Da Chief

    The rumors of– Rudy Tomjanovich — Coaching the Detroit Pistons next season are growing stronger— an Univ. of Michigan All-American —NBA All-Star Player and NBA Championship Coach —- Also he was born and raised in the Stat e of Michigan — I believe he would be an excellent choice to head the Pistons in the future years …..