Stephen Ross foolishly believes that Mike Pouncey is ‘an outstanding young man’

imageTo say that Miami Dolphins owner has a good handle on the makeup of his football team would be horribly incorrect. He’s always come across in the media as someone who is much more interested in playing owner of an NFL football team, and not being an owner of an NFL team. He did little to hold players accountable for what happened with the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito bullying case last season, and his ringing endorsement for one of the participants in doling out the abuse, Mike Pouncey, continues to show just how out-of-touch he is with who he has working for him.

The Dolphins center is a very talented football player, make no mistake, but at no point should his character be given any credit, but that’s what Ross said when talking about Pouncey at the owner’s meetings in Orlando (via the Miami Herald):

“I think everybody can look back and reflect,” said Ross, speaking to reporters after the second day of the NFL’s annual meeting. “We all can get caught up in certain things, and you go with it.

“But I think he’s an outstanding young man,” Ross continued. “Certainly, an excellent football player. I think he will turn out to be one of the real leaders on our team.”

Ross is almost passing off Pouncey’s indiscretions as a ‘boys will be boys’ type behavior. If this were an isolated incident, maybe that would be okay, but there are other things, such as Pouncey (along with his brother Maukrice) wearing a ‘Free Hernandez’ hat shortly after former college teammate and friend Aaron Hernandez was arrested for the alleged murder of an associate. Pouncey also received a subpoena for questioning related to the case.

The Dolphins organization, led by Ross, seem content with the inmates running the asylum, as it did last year. Ross is making money, as almost all NFL owners do, and certainly doesn’t seem very concerned with the players. Most likely this is due to a fear of fighting with the NFLPA if he did choose to punish a player. Instead, he will give them the benefit of the doubt and look like a jackass in the process.

  • TheDolphinTed

    How stupid were you when you when you were 24 with a pocket full of money? Can’t relate? Didn’t think so.

    • Dave K