Report: Steve Masiello lied on his résumé

Steve+Masiello+sRQRzoDnIVImLate last night, it was reported that the University of South Florida rescinded their offer to Manhattan head coach Steve Masiello due to inaccuracies discovered during a background check. Rumors spread on message boards such as Masiello being involved in some kind of illegal Kentucky Derby ticket ring. That isn’t true, but what is had to do with a claim on his résumé in which Masiello noted that he graduated from Kentucky with a degree in communications. According to a report from, he never did.

Masiello did attend Kentucky, and was a member of the basketball team, but the university has no record of him graduating. UK spokesperson Ashley Caresson confirmed this to ESPN.

Caressen said Masiello contacted the UK’s registrar office Tuesday but said his conversation with the registrar’s office “was confidential.”

Jason Charney, Masiello’s agent, declined comment Wednesday. Numerous attempts to reach Masiello have been unsuccessful.

This obviously hurts any chance in the near future of Masiello, who impressed many with the way Manhattan pushed heavily favored Louisville in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The Cardinals are coached by Rick Pitino, who Masiello was an assistant for with Louisville. Masiello also played for Pitino at Kentucky.

“If it’s accurate, I’m shocked by it,” said Pitino, whose team beat Manhattan in the second round of the NCAA tournament last week. “I had no idea. I left the previous year, and he was on track to graduate.”

There is no word if Masiello will be eligible to return to Manhattan now that the deal fell through.

Who missed this claim at Manhattan? Transcripts and records are received from the university. Did they not follow up on this? USF obviously followed protocol, and Masiello got caught. That being said, Masiello is at fault and deserves far greater criticism for duping Manhattan and attempting to do the same with USF.

  • cycledan

    Really? Who cares? Either he can coach or not. After your first job, what difference does it make what degrees you have. I have had several jobs in my career and only the first one out of college even asked for a transcript and they never looked at it.

  • Dave K

    I’m a big fan of integrity, and wouldn’t hire someone who lied about graduating from college when he didn’t/.

  • cycledan

    My first job out of college there was a guy who claimed he had a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell. When he couldn’t name a single professor there or never heard of Phillips Hall (the electrical engineering building there) I was really surprised. Turned out he completely made up the degree and finally got fired but not for lying. He was totally incompetent.