Bobby Knight: NBA has ‘raped college basketball’

bob.knightWe haven’t had a good Bobby Knight quote in quite sometime, but since we are in the midst of the NCAA Tournament, and the NBA-age limit continues to be a topic of discussion, ya knew the General couldn’t avoid not having a soundbite.

Andrew Wiggins (Kansas) and Jabari Parker (Duke) were both considered to be the top freshman entering into the 2013-14 NCAA college basketball year. Both have played admirably, but not nearly to the hype they have received. They are still considered top 5 picks for the NBA Draft in June, but not expected to have quite the impact first believed. Their early tournament exits help in supporting that believe. Knight decided to speak about this while on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio(via the Sporting News):

“If I were involved with the NBA I wouldn’t want a 19-year-old or a 20-year-old kid, to bring into all the travel and all the problems that exist in the NBA,” Knight said. “I would want a much more mature kid. I would want a kid that maybe I’ve been watching on another team and now he’s 21, 22 years old instead of 18 or 19, and I might trade for that kid.

“On top of it all, the NBA does a tremendous, gigantic disservice to college basketball. It’s as though they’ve raped college basketball in my opinion.”

Interesting choice of words. But you can’t expect less from Bobby. Always oozing with class.

Remember when people who were going to the NBA before college, it was said that they needed a year in college, first? Now these guys are spending a year in college and being told they shouldn’t go. Hmmmmm.

Knight supports the MLB system:

Knight said, “Major League Baseball has the best idea of all. Three years before they’ll take a kid out of college, then they have a minor league system that they put the kids in. I’m sure that if the NBA followed the same thing, there would be a lot of kids in a minor league system that still were not good enough to play in the major NBA.”

If you really want to place blame, place it on high school coaches. They aren’t teaching these kids a damn thing. They would be better off going straight to the pros and learning from some of the best assistants in the world, and not to college, where most of them are a square peg in a round hole for a year.

  • cycledan

    The NBA does have a D-League which is similar to the minor league system in MLB. But I think Knight is sort of right. If I was an NBA GM, I would be more inclined to pick a kid with 3-4 years of experience in college. There might be more upside to a Wiggins or Parker eventually and they do draft based upon potential but the problem is that once a player hits their stride in terms of ability, the rookie contract is up and they are a free agent.

    Also, I still think Parker and Wiggins go 1 and 2 unless a team needs a big man and goes for Embid.

  • John

    I blame the NCAA. What is the point of playing in college anymore if you not getting any scholarships or not getting any money. NCAA is corrupt and using these kids to make millions. If a college kid takes one dollar, they get suspended, yet the NCAA is using these kids as products to make millions.

    • 40castle

      NCAA makes billions not millions off these kids…

  • Dennis

    The NCAA might make billions of these kids but remember no one twisted their arms to accept the SCHOLARSHIP……..if its all about the money for these kids go the D League, if you want an education stay in school for fours years. This one and done crap is a primary reason some colleges can’t fill the areas, that and the price of tickets