Watch: ‘Baby LeBron’ is a 6th-grader and dunking

babybronWhen you hail from Akron, OH and happen to be incredibly gifted as a basketball player, it’s hard to not receive comparisons to LeBron James. In the case of 6th-grader Shermar Morrow, he has even been given the nickname of ‘Baby LeBron.’ It may be justified, as he showed of his impressive skill and physical dominance against his peers in the National Youth Basketball League in Washington, playing for the P. Miller Ballers:

Here are additional highlights of his:

Oh, if the P. Miller Ballers name looks a little interesting to you, it’s because it is coached and sponsored by Master P, also known as Percy Miller.

Morrow, who scored 53-points, is in the recruiting class of 2020.

H/T Yahoo!Sports

  • rick hertzon

    Hope this kid finishes college. Basketball is a game and you have to have a life, learn how to be a good person, and value other things than money.