Richard Sherman and DeAngelo Hall mix it up on twitter

20140314-042826.jpgAfter Richard Sherman’s fiery interview with Erin Andrews immediately following the NFC Championship Game, the notice had been served that Sherman will simply not take trash talk lying down. On Thursday, DeAngelo Hall decided to test this out. In his career, Hall has seemingly sought to emulate Deion Sanders in every way, save for actually playing like Deion. Hall wore his number with the Falcons, stole his Primetime dance, and is a notorious yapper on the field. Let’s examine the back and forth.

While Sherman has certainly earned his reputation as a trash talker, it’s interesting that he never seems to start these feuds. Michael Crabtree was the first to pop off about Sherman, and DeAngelo Hall did the same with these two tweets.

Then Hall offered this piece of advice, and Sherman finally responded.

Now that Sherman had engaged, it was time for Hall to let the barbs fly.

Then it was time for Hall to wonder aloud to the universe so that they, too, might know that while Hall follows a receiver no matter where he lines up, Sherman only lines up on one side of the field.

And this exchange after Sherman asked if playing that way has been rough on Hall:

And now for a series of tweets from Hall that, while not as weak as the “check my bank account” quip, are pretty basic internet level comments.

And finally we’ve ticked all of the internet fight boxes. Passive aggressive baiting, a wealth reference, and finally a virtual point at the scoreboard. Thankfully, former NFL great Darrell Green offered some sage advice.

Now that the internet cat fighting is over, we can all return to normal. Sherman to being one of the league’s top corners who, other than fans of rival teams, is generally well liked, and Hall to being a universally hated loudmouth who rips off someone else’s shtick.