Jets fans are struggling with Revis signing with the Patriots

large-revisThe one thing that free agency eliminated for a lot of athletes is team loyalty. Of course, when you weren’t able to maximize your worth and were essentially stuck with whoever you played for, that really wasn’t loyalty, either. Regardless, for fans, seeing their favorite player end up with a hated rival is difficult to see. Even if said player had already played elsewhere in between. Case in point, Darrelle Revis.

To say New York Jets fans aren’t handling the New England Patriots free agent acquisition of Revis well would be a bit of an understatement. Never mind that the organization traded him away for a first round pick, and another pick this year because he was only thinking about his own money and not the team’s success. The fans don’t care about that. They could handle Revis in another uniform, just not a Patriots one.

We’ve put together some reactions from Jets fans on Twitter, and they are fantastic. One guy waited an entire year to burn his Revis jersey. Enjoy:









At least the Jets responded by inking the guy who Revis won’t allow a touchdown to.