Resigning Penn State trustee laments JoePa firing

Penn-State-legend-Joe-Paterno-dies-H1SCO20-x-largeWe are nearly two and half years removed from Penn State firing Joe Paterno in wake of the child molestation scandal involving Jerry Sandusky, and a resigning member of the board of trustees in Happy Valley is expressing regret over their decision.

Alvin Clemens lamented publicly about voting for Paterno’s firing upon his resignation (Via the AP):

“We had no advance notice and little opportunity to discuss and consider the complex issues we faced. After 61 years of exemplary service, coach Paterno was given no chance to respond. That was a mistake,” Clemens said in a statement he read Friday at Board of Trustees meeting (via the AP).

“I will always regret that my name is attached to that rush to injustice.”

The Freeh Report, which was commissioned by the university, concluded with the evidence gathered, that there was “total and consistent” disregard for sex abuse victims, laying much accountability and responsibility at the feet of Paterno, who was the head of the program. Clemens happens to be a plaintiff in a lawsuit by the Paterno family, seeking to overturn the NCAA sanctions against Penn State. The NCAA handed Penn State a four-year bowl ban, scholarship reductions and a $60 million fine. It also stripped Paterno of wins, removing him from atop the NCAA’s winningest coach list. The NCAA has given the team 5 scholarships back.

H/T Dr Saturday

  • mtnit

    The fact you admit your mistake will go a long way in healing the problem that still exists today in Happy Valley.
    As a PSU Alum………………THANK YOU

  • Ron Unger

    I must agree with Mr. Clemens. The firing was a total injustice. After 60+ years of service to the University and the Penn State community, Joe Paterno should have been given a voice to defend himself. The Freeh report is not worth the paper wasted to write it. Freeh is joke and the report was full of errors and omissions. Paterno may have had blame or may not have had blame, but he should have been given the opportunity to discuss his involvement.

  • john

    This whole unfortunate affair is a microcosm of what is now wrong in our country…the accused are , and by rights , innocent until proven guilty, but coach was anointed guilty with no opportunity to prove his innocence.