DeSean Jackson throwing up gang signs

DeSean Jackson makes millions of dollars playing professional football for the Philadelphia Eagles, but that doesn’t mean he is necessarily living the same lifestyle as others. He isn’t shy about letting others know that he is a member of the Crip gang, or at least he intimates it by his actions.

According to TMZ, Jackson attended a listening party for rapper YG, and while there, took a photo with member Crip and associate, Nipsey Hussle.

Via Jackson’s Instagram:


For what it is worth, the Crips and Bloods ain’t what it used to be. YG is an active member of the Tree Top Piru Bloods.

Jackson was caught flashing a similar sign earlier in the football season, as well:


With the Eagles inking new deals with Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, there are rumors that they may attempt to trade Jackson, who, while extremely talented, can sometimes be a bit of a headache. This is the kind of stuff a team would like to separate themselves from, especially after what happened last offseason with Aaron Hernandez. Being linked to any kinda gang-related stuff isn’t attractive at any point.


  • Chris

    What a lame excuse for an article this is. I don’t recall Jackson ever coming out and saying he was a crip and even if he did who cares, he’s not out robbing and killing people. If anyone took that serious wouldn’t you think people would be more reluctant to rob his house if he was blood thirsty gang banger. Also, your whole matching pictures gang sign is pretty irrelevant considering in the first picture he has his middle and ring finger out while in the second he has his pointer and middle out presumably talking trash to D’angelo Hall.

  • I M Grimaldi

    This article is obviously intended to start controversy as usual. Gang signs? Seriously? In the top photo, Jackson and his pals are making shadow puppets. DeSean is in fact doing his popular German Schnauzer. In the bottom photo he and Hall are engaged in a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. DeSean beat him with scissors over paper.

    • Dave K

      Legit LOL.

      • I M Grimaldi

        It’s refreshing to see that DeSean is hanging with a cat that is named in honor of the late, great comedian Nipsey Russell.

  • DeJuan Gambino

    About 90% of the players who come from the inner city, have some kinda ties to somebody who are on the “Shady side”, rather it be Friends or even Family. Riley Cooper might have ties to the KKK as he was talkin’ ’bout fightin’ every ni__er at a concert. But, the Eagles extended HIS contract. Lol,…