Matt Elam is an offseason Al Bundy

Matt-Elam.megatron.400Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam had a strong rookie season, and while he is planning to improve on that career, he is also working towards a degree this offseason and working part-time at a shoe store in Florida.

Why would a multi-millionaire football player be doing at shoe store? The best owners of a business know everything about it. That’s Elam’s plan, to own and operate his own store.


I know you can’t do football forever. I’m going to use it to benefit me when I’m doing so that my kids won’t have to worry about this. I take a lot of pride in that because I feel like a lot of kids are blind to this, and don’t have these opportunities, and don’t have the knowledge. I hope I can open a lot of their eyes.”

Great seeing a young athlete thinking about his future after football. It would be great to see more of them do similar things. They don’t necessarily need to work part-time, but going after a degree they haven’t earned yet is incredibly wise. Only a few a blessed enough to play for multiple contracts. Most NFL careers last only 6 years, if they make an opening-day roster as a rookie.

Unlike Al Bundy, four touchdowns in the city championship won’t be the high point in Elam’s career, but let’s hope his high points at the Finish-Line are better than this:

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    Matt Elam gets it.

    6 months to the day away, aTm vs SC