• Glenn

    Go girl,no big Deal! Looks Great hope see her in T-Back next!!!

    • Bob

      A beautiful woman, an exceptional athlete, a great personality and role model. What the hell is there not to like? Very easy to criticize when you are jealous, envious, and/or lacking positive attributes of your own.

      • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

        Exceptional athlete? Role model? Lol. I’ll give you beautiful woman so your crush is not completely destroyed, but you are clearly not a car racing fan and I hope to God you don’t have kids if you think people who sell sex are good role models.

        • OutSideTheBox

          I am a NASCAR fan and Danica has achieved more in her new NASCAR than over half the men who have been in the sport longer than her. I won’t begin to list the amount of drivers she has consistantly finished ahead of in each race; that list is way toooo long.

          • Pez

            Just because she finished ahead of men who don’t belong in NASCAR doesn’t mean that she does. She’s a hack.

    • Awaiting Slips

      Pretty nice slip by the magazine editors. Celebrity nipple where it is not expected causes a stir sometimes. She’s in good shape. Well, at least from the nipple up. :-)

    • Phillip Stone

      If you look at where danica is ranked in the most beautiful woman in sports today? Shes 4th ranked. Which aint bad at all in my book.

  • WashingtonEagle

    That’s a nipple?

    • http://LinkedIn Frank Fox

      yeah it looks like a nipple only smaller

  • Darrell Richards

    Seems that everyone has to Bit I mean complain about everything. Then someone apologizes, then we go around and around. Danica is a beautiful woman. Why complain. Don’t look if you don’t like what you might see. Don’t listen in to conversations if you don’t want to hear what is being said. Freedom of what in American. Not too much anymore. OOPS. Sorry didn’t want to offend anyone.

    • mrob

      Exactly! People need to get over themselves. At the very least, stop trying to force their personal beliefs on the rest of us. If you don’t want to see it, don’t log on. Filter your browser. It takes 5 mouse clicks in Windows 7.

  • Don

    I’d enjoy warming up to Danica under the covers on a cold winter night.

  • Aaron

    Id pound Danica as hard as ricky did in the sprint unlimited Saturday night

  • nipplehead

    not enough! We need some Danica Pink Taco

  • bottlesflying

    She could have had the decency to make her nipples hard before taking the photo.

  • Crystal

    Really guys??? Why do most of you have to make everything so nasty and vulgar??? Ugh. Grow Up already!! Is it really that hard to keep your trap closed and just admire a beautiful woman simply for just being a beautiful woman?? Respect this woman for her accomplishments!! Pretty sure she’s earned it. Jus sayin

    • james

      Earned what, she hasn’t even won a race. She is only getting acknowledged because she’s a woman……

      • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

        Not because she is a woman, but a Miley Cyrus type who sells sex. Women should be offended most of all.

      • BoBo LeFrain

        Actually has done better than Kyle Petty!

        • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

          It is one thing to be a fan, but why are there so many untruths told in an attempt to defend a driver who has 1 win (fuel mileage) in well over 200 pro races? Kyle won 8 races. Something Danika will likely never get halfway to. More importantly his wins were at the highest level. Danika does not have 1 win even in the Nationwide series in NASCAR.

        • Phillip Stone

          Lol that is soooo true. She is a beatiful woman and i dam sure wouldnt kick her outa the bed whether it was winter time or summer time. You Go Danica!

    • Jared

      You’re boring people.

  • tcidda

    She still can’t drive a race car.She’ll have a thousand excuses for the nip slip.

  • james

    Alright giggity giggity, I like where this is going

  • Lee

    Seriously guys! She is already doing two things you ain’t, racing in Nascar and posing for SI. There are plenty of drivers in NASCAR that haven’t won a race. She may never win one either but she is still chasing her dream, not setting on her sofa drinking beer and complaining. Nuf said.

  • Mark

    at least her bob is still pointing north and not sagging!

  • Galen

    Really, is this such a big deal?! Beautiful woman taking a selfie is all this is. Has nothing to do with winning or losing races, has more to do with how immature and overly conservative people are. Keep doing what you’re doing, Ms. Patrick.

    • Pillip Stone

      Its not really a big deal. I mean theres plenty of other woman who has posed for si and every one complains about it whether its danica or who ever it might be thats poseing. You keep doing what your doing danica one of these days your gonna win a race and i will back you. You people need to get a life and stop all the complaining about who poses for si. Just saying.

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

      People do need to get a life and stop getting their jollies over selfies. It is sad that people who get their jollies somehow equate the charge they get with her being a good race car driver. Apparently people who live in fantasy land pretty much stay there.

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

      People do need to get a life and stop getting their jollies over selfies. This is not about racing at all. It is sad that people who get their jollies somehow equate the charge they get with her being a good race car driver. Apparently people who live in fantasy land pretty much stay there.

  • Joe Bean

    Crystal, I agree with you. Why we keep our feelings silent I think is just about respecting the Woman, not Danica. She, I would say, she’s the one that didn’t respect herself. I don’t care that she is a Nascar Driver, or anything, its about respecting the Woman. What we as Humans thinking our Carnal thoughts, male or female should stay in our mind. What is better though, boy she has a pretty nipple, or I’d like to hump her, I guess i’m just conservative that way.

    • Jay

      Ya good one. Repress all your thoughts and instincts. Good plan if your hope is the destruction of the human race. I save mine for my wife. Have you had your T levels checked bud?

  • http://TimeWarner barry m

    Big deal. If you haven’t ever seen a nipple before, I pity you. C’mon man; get a life.

  • http://www.fordmercassociation.com John
  • Walt

    Why am I just now seeing this?! 2008?!

  • Rick

    Don’t be a hater because she is beautiful. Everyone is born with nipples, what’s the big deal? Greek Goddesses were carved in stone showing their nipples and that is art. It isn’t porn, just a photo shoot.

  • http://blizzernet.com Jason Thomas

    No big deal??? What ever happened to integrity? Your parents must have been the same as hood rats or rednecks. BRING BACK INTEGRITY TO AMERICA!!!! We are a thug hole of gun toters, murderers, cheaters, liars, complainers, haters. We fight more to carry a semi-automatic weapon than for the decency of our own women. We fight more against who doesn’t vote like us than we do for someones daughter who is exposed. What do you tell your children…it’s okay? No big deal? This is acceptable? Talk about 3rd world. We are the exact same as the middle east.

    • gary

      ok come on we were born naked and she is proud of her femininity get over it jason

    • Jay

      I teach them to shoot and right from. Wrong. I also teach them the two party system is tearing our country apart. Also that there is beauty all over. All you have to do is take the time to look. My daughters are 7 and 18 and I would think neither would think this pic is distasteful.

  • red

    Still don’t see it ?

  • Zeke

    can the nipple drive?…

  • prince harry

    In order to make an educated guess whether that is indeed a ‘NIPPLE’ I would need to administer a ‘TASTE TEST’

  • curt

    This is probably the worst Photoshop job that anyone has published.

  • gary

    ive seen her in the go daddy pics she is a petite woman with what appear to be nice titties and from the go daddy pics a rather cute ass too!! thank you danica now i have more than just tv star females to look at.

  • mike

    She does have some tig ole bitties for her frame. I mean, she’s pretty racked up! LOL

  • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

    She is as observant taking selfies as she is of other cars on the track. Lol.

  • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

    You can say it, but it is simply one of the biggest lies ever told. You may be delusional or else just a liar. A fan? I doubt it. Every year there are rookies who do better than she did. She has 1 win in 232 career pro races. She is no rookie and she is not very good. Maybe she will get better, but she is not competitive at the moment no matter how you try to make it so.

  • not a fan

    She was hired to sell t shirt not because she’s a great driver. She needs to take some of that t shirt money and buy herself some big boobs then take a picture.

  • bigednbangs

    This ain’t high school. That kind of nipslip is the same thing as looking down a girl’s cleavage when she bends down and seeing some color. Cheap thrills, indeed!

  • Denny

    How freakin’ childish. For cryin’ out loud it is about 1/5th of a nipple. she didn’t post a nude full frontal shot. I don’t get it being some big scandal or deal.

    As far as her racing goes it is just OK. But as King Richard opines she does bring some interest into the sport from the ladies and that translates it some $$$$ for RP and the rest of the fellows and Petty does admit her appreciates that part of it. She is an average driver and at least is not dangerous.

  • http://thevictoryformation.com Jeff

    Really makes me laugh at all you redneck good ‘ol boys who think NASCAR is tough. Try open-wheel racing like F1 and they’ll all crap their pants. Only reason Dale Jr and others are in their cars are because of their daddy’s name, money, or both. The day Danica leaves NASCAR is the day viewership drops in half; and NASCAR brass know it. That’s why she is there and gettin’ the big bucks. You guys are such insecure idiots.

    • Phil Dirt

      That’s right, Jeff. Just ask someone who has driven open wheel and NASCAR, such as Danica herself… who just said last week that NASCAR is much harder. Or maybe Juan Pablo Montoya, who was a winner in F1 and Indy cars… and agrees that NASCAR is tougher. Then there’s Allmendinger, who was more successful in Indy than NASCAR because it’s easier?

  • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

    How much is viewership and attendance up since she entered NASCAR? To say it will drop in half when she leaves is to imply it doubled in her 2 years there. Where are your stats to back up such a ridiculous statement?

  • Randall Brandt

    Danica, thank you for sharing your beauty.

  • Don

    hmmm 1 naked lady, 1 hotel room, 1 camera, 1 verified selfie. I want to see the rest of the pics.

  • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

    A lot of people on the list and off are not recognizable by most people. They haven’t done sleazy commercials and photoshoots to get the attention. She is gets a boost from name recognition and the fact people have seen her half naked.

  • Pez

    I’ve seen better, and she still doesn’t belong in NASCAR.

  • Bob Smith

    Obama sucks

  • Jason

    An arriolla maybe? A nipple it’s not.

  • Philip Rolfe

    It’s a photoshop gig!

  • http://Mc4p Jauson