Danica Patrick’s nipple made it onto Sports Illustrated’s website

We aren’t sure why, or how long this has been around, maybe one of you have seen it before, but a selfie of Danica Patrick is on Sports Illustrated’s Swim Daily web page, and her nipple is clearly exposed. Here is a censored version of it, via TMZ Sports:


If you want to see the NSFW version, you will have to click the link after the jump.

I know that for whatever reason, body painting is a perfectly acceptable way over covering up an exposed nipple and passing it off as not being a nude picture, and those are pretty prevalent at the SI site, but this seems a little bit more risqué, no? Anyway, TMZ asked SI about whether this is a mistake or not, but the photo is still within the photo gallery. The pic was apparently taken by Patrick at the same time as her 2008 photoshoot with SI.

UPDATE: SI has removed the image. But we still have it.

Oh, for those wanting to see it, you will have to click here.

  • arkbadger

    at least she didn’t let her dick slip out, now that would have been embarrassing

    • Jared

      Oh that’s funny dude!!!

  • DP fan

    I think DP is a beautiful woman mans sport or not. I’d let her drive me anywhere!

  • http://swimdaily mark

    I love her titts

  • allworld212

    Cute little s**t. But I like them tall, slender and athletic.

  • thomas herb

    Idiot that says she cant drive: rookie driver gets the Daytona 500 pole last year, nuff said!

    • Swededawg

      ..and she really beat the competitors on the qualifying laps of course, there was no one else on the track. By the way, where was she at the end of the race when there were competitors on the track?

      • jim guidry

        She finished 8th actually, and led laps.

        • http://ihavenoideawhatthismeans Bor

          Except for 4 races 2 tracks Danica passed by racing going past other drivers less than 50 times. Everybody can lead a lap at Daytona or Talladega by accident. She is usually several laps down and is lucky enough to get the lucky dog and get back on the lead lap. Danica is eye candy and if you think she is a role model just send your daughter to go Daddy and see her real role in racing.

      • Debbie

        In 8th place dipstick.

        • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

          1 win in 232 pro races. I love it how the uninformed are the ones who usually call others names.

          • Debbie

            And your point? Your question asked “where was she at the end of the race when there were competitors on the track?” You were obviously the uninformed one if you didn’t know she finished 8th.

          • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

            The point is you made it sound like a great accomplishment. It was a draft race and a lot of good drivers got caught up in crashes. 1 win in 232 races is an attempt to explain to people with little understanding or observation what the score is. That is the point.

          • http://ihavenoideawhatthismeans Bor

            For anyone who thinks she has 1 win you would be wrong. She won a racing exhibition in Japan months after her Indy car series was over. It was a non-point race with no extra money for any of the drivers who finished the exhibition The class would be about 2 levels below Indy Lights. There were only 18 drivers who started and less than ten who were still around in the pouring rain. Drivers actually stopped because they didn’t want to get wet. She is and has been nothing but eye candy. If any person thinks she is a ROLE MODEL send your kids to go Daddy and see her real role.

          • not a fan

            Thats rite. But he sells t shirt
            not a driver!!!

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

      Qualifying? Lol. She has won one race in 232 career professional starts counting Indy cars… And that was a fuel mileage win, which basically means the leaders ran out of gas… You might want to think twice before calling others idiots.

  • Bernard

    Again…………Danica gets more exposure than what she deserves..!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.msn.com Mike

    You guys would all jump her bones if you had the chance…….

  • Tom

    just in case you did not whatch the race. She got the pole stayed in the top ten all day and finished 8th i think that proves she can drive she beat some big names.

    • http://www.11phenomenon.com geno

      It was a drafting race and she didn’t get caught up in crashes. 1 win in 232 career races counting Indy car… Nuff said.

  • Curtis Munger

    Danica was hired to sell t shirts not because she’s a great driver. She needs to take some of that t shirt money and buy herself some big tits then take a picture.

  • Bill

    I think she’s hot. Good on the eyes and a pretty good driver. Yeah, she gets a lot of attention because she’s a girl in a man’s world, but for that she’s pretty gutsy. She’ll do. ;-))