Watch: #BringJT2UF campaign is embarrassing

unnamed (4)There are some people with no shame, and they reside in Gainesville, FL.

Earlier today, a social media campaign began to convince international superstar Justin Timberlake to come to Gainesville to sing the National Anthem prior to the start of the Florida Gators game against the Kentucky Wildcats on March 8th. That is Senior Day for the Gators. The name of the campaign is the hashtag: #BringJT2UF.

Anyway, according to the announcement on Facebook, the campaign is encouraging Gators fans to act incredibly foolish to convince the Tennseess native and part-time Orlando native to show up. The video below features a couple of students coming up with their own version of the classic SNL skit that Timberlake is well-known for. Be warned, it is not easy on the eyes or ears.

I imagine that many more painful videos like this will be popping up in coming weeks. How can JT say no to this?