Photo: Jadeveon Clowney has fun with Orlando PD

Seriel speeder Jadeveon Clowney is not about to let negative media attention to his driving issues get him down. The South Carolina Gamecocks’ defensive end took a photo of himself hanging out with Orlando police, as him and his team prepare to play Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl next Wednesday.


Should he drive slower? Of course, since he was breaking the law. But there is no need to get hysterical over it. Which is why his head coach, Steve Spurrier even made a joke about it.

It’s okay to laugh people. It is.

2 thoughts on “Photo: Jadeveon Clowney has fun with Orlando PD

  1. That’s right! Break the law. Blow it off (Your attorney can appear in court for you.) Break the same law = you didn’t “learn your lesson so another point on your driving record.
    What will you do when you get 5 points (probably for the same thing) and they yank your license??

    I know drive w/o a license. That way when you get pulled over, the Police will IMPOUND your expensive car.
    And those habits of being disobedient carry over to the NFL, you’ll be fined. Learn self-control, son.
    Remember the folks watching you play a game, don’t earn as much as your first fine in the NFL wil be.
    You know what, knock yourself out, break alll the rules. Break curfew. Don’t learn the plays.
    Be a self-centered prick.
    I BELIEVE you need a life coach to help you think thru the crap you are pulling NOW and it will only get worse later.

    LOOK at Aaron Hernandez, killer. Thought he’d get away with it. oh well It’s not far fetched.

    If I were these cops watch commander or Sgt. I’d give ‘em desk duty for posing with you AS IF speeding is a laughing matter. You need to see that movie again (“RED STREETS”) that shows the carnage on the freeways due to speeding and drunk/drugged drivers.

    OR you’re going to meet a racist cop who beats the crap out of you with his night stick, maces you and tosses your ass in jail, just because you are black.

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