Arnold Palmer helps save Christmas

arnieWe advise you to all get a tissue, because we were a blubbering mess after watching this video.

Here is a video from the Arnold Palmer Hospital, where the it’s namesake, the lengendary Arnold Palmer himself, helps bring some incredible cheer to the patients. Many of them are fighting for their lives.

Pay attention to the 1:55 mark, as a patient that is close to the heart of this site’s family makes an appearance with his parents.

Our favorite little Tin Man is waiting on his heart, and we know that Trey and his wife or forever grateful to the Arnold Palmer Hospital. We like to send out a big thank you to Arnold Palmer and the hospital on their behalf. We also would like to send a shoutout to Holden – We are with ya, Tin Man!

If you haven’t, please follow the journey that Trey and his family have been on at his son’s site. You may want to bring that box of tissues with you.

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  1. Big ups to Jon Strong too, he always finds a way to make films that are best viewed in a room of onions.

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