49ers fans go classy while trolling the Seahawks with a billboard in Seattle

Rivalries in professional sports aren’t what they once were, mostly thanks to changes in free agency and salary caps, so it isn’t often that we can appreciate the ‘hate’ that exists between teams and their fan bases. It would be hard to argue against the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers being the best rivalry we have going. The players legitimately seem to not like one another when play starts, and the fan bases are doing their best to goad one another. Take what a group of 49ers fans have done in Seattle by renting a billboard.

While I am typically not a big fan of ‘we’ve won more in the past’ it is still some pretty good trolling by the fans who have submitted some preliminary artwork to the billboard company (via Shutdown Corner):

49ersbillboard (1)

This was a pretty good response to Seattle fans paying for a ’12th Man’ banner over Candlestick Park when the teams last played, a 49ers victory. The cool thing about this, though, is that the 49ers fans raised well over the $7000 cost to rent the billboard. The additional money, which stands at a surplus of $1700, will be donated to a local Seattle charity. Good trolling and a classy move.

The plan is to keep the billboard up through December and January. Seattle is two games up on San Fran, and should hold onto homefield advantage throughout. There is a solid chance the two meet for the third time next month.

2 thoughts on “49ers fans go classy while trolling the Seahawks with a billboard in Seattle

  1. Great move by the fans to donate the left over money to charity. I’m sure that fact will get lost on Seahawk fans who are mostly loud mouthed shit heads.

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