Duke alumni showing why Swofford preferred Blue Devils over Canes in Atlanta

20131209-172342.jpgThe Chick-Fil-A Bowl is set with Johnny Football and his Aggies preparing to take on this year’s best story, the Duke Blue Devils. As the bowl committee was finalizing its matchup on Sunday, news leaked that the preliminary decision was that Miami would take on nearby Georgia. That would seem to be a better ticket draw than Texas A&M and Duke, but the Chick-Fil-A Bowl sells out every year, regardless of matchup. Now, Duke alumni have ponied up and showed us exactly why ACC commissioner John Swofford lobbied on behalf of the Blue Devils.

According to The Chronicle, Duke alumni have donated money so that students who wish to make the bowl trip can get into the game for free.


With Duke sure to now send plenty of students and the significant travel distance for Texas A&M, this matchup should be more evenly split in the stands than the proposed Miami-Georgia matchup, which would’ve been close to 90% Georgia fans. Many are quick to complain that Swofford only advocates on behalf of teams from the triangle, but in this case, it’s good for the league and good for the game. The last thing the ACC and the Chick-Fil-A Bowl needed was a lopsided game in which Georgia blasted Miami in a virtual home game, while Miami finished putting the stamp on a season they’ve largely mailed in since playing Florida State. Good for Swofford, good for Duke, good for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

  • cabbage

    JFFB’s last chance to put up insane numbers. Good luck Blue Devils.

  • cycledan

    Yup, more likely to tune in for that game than Miami-Georgia. Just too many bowl games. Sure, my team, Syracuse, just squeaked in at 6-6 since the standard is so low but I would be the first to admit they don’t really deserve a bowl game. I’ll watch it simply because it is my team. I even considered traveling just because I have an old college buddy in Houston I would like to see. Still there are a dozen games with half empty stadiums and dismal TV ratings.

  • cleet

    Good for you Duke, enjoy the blowout.