NFL Comments – Week 14

Congrats to Dave K & Watsonian on Michigan State’s Rose Bowl berth yesterday. (I should probably congratulate CBH too, just in case…)  As much as I hate the Green & White, I hate Ohio State a whole helluva lot more.

As for today’s games… y’all got some free reign in the comments section down there. Talk college, talk pros, talk fantasy, talk MLB Hot Stove… go nuts.

I, like a fool, agreed to a birthday party today at 12:30, built around the Patriots/Browns game at 1. Which means, I’ll be driving around and/or talking with family instead of paying attention to late injury news and benchings for Fantasy purposes.  Seems like a good time to mention I’m in 2 league playoffs, and a play-in game for a third…

8 thoughts on “NFL Comments – Week 14

  1. Need to congratulate Knightro for UCF making a BCS bowl along with the MSU guys. Great win for that program.

    Need to see if Syracuse at 6-6 gets invited to one. Not sure I will be able to go but of course depends upon where and when.

    Just watching the Jets. When they were up 10-0 at one point, they said it was their biggest lead of the year. Raiders are one team even worse than the Jets.

    • I’ll be flying to Syracuse next week Dan. First time back there since Senior Year of High School, when I was making my college decision.

      Looking forward to finding Dinosaur BBQ…

      • Going to be cold and snowy up there but I love that town. Not sure why but I lived there 8 years after graduating from college. I guess it was a formative time in my life. Drove up in a rented van with some old furniture and left 8 years later with a wife and two kids, got some good experience and even earned my master’s degree from Syracuse so it was a good time.

        So enjoy the Dinosaur BBQ. My favorite place was local bar that brewed their own beer and served roast beef sandwiches. Can’t remember the name of the place anymore.

        • I lived in the Utica/Rome area for 10 years. It is a beautiful part of the country. Not what people from other parts of the US normally associate with, when you say New York. And they do get some snow. Spent many a day skiing Song Mt and Greek Peak.

          • I have skied at both of those places. Used to have a Wednesday night season pass at Song Mt. If you went down the one expert trail you were down in about a minute but it was still fun.

          • Which was the one that had a great mogul run under the chair lift? 30 years ago that was fun, now NFW my legs go do it.

    • Thanks cycledan! I am enjoying it while I can because we are likely going to get destroyed in the Fiesta Bowl. Still proud of our team!

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