Frick yeah! MSU is going to the Rose Bowl!

rosesI’m not going to recap the game. You saw it. Just know this, I was a mess for over 3 hours last night. I believed from the moment that the Spartans captured the Legends division of the B1G, that they had a shot to knock off Ohio State. Mark Dantonio built this team in his image, and instilled his belief into them, into the rest of Spartan Nation. Often times, we would hope our team could win a big game, but we never thought we should. With an offense that was playing ‘good enough’ and a defense that was tops in the nation, there was no reason to think they couldn’t or shouldn’t win the game.

Sure, OSU tore up that top defense after the moment the Spartans went up 17-0. Braxton Miller was the best player they saw all season, and he showed why he was a Heisman contender, before an injury early in the year derailed his shot. But then the 4th quarter came around and the defense proved how great they were all year. Some of it due to defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi coming down to the field. Maybe being among his players, absorbing the intensity from them and the crowd, fired him up a bit and he became more aggressive. I don’t know. I do know that the Spartans executed. The kicking game gave OSU a short field twice. The defense stopped him. No more important than a 4th and 1. Denicos Allen, whose signature play of his Spartan career was a play in the Shoe a couple of years ago, stuffed Miller and gave the Spartans the ball back so that they could score the TD that would essentially ice the game.

The emotions were pretty intense once MSU stopped OSU one more time before running out the clock. I was literally shaking for about a minute when it became obvious that the Spartans were heading to Pasadena. Then it became pure joy, for myself, and all the Spartans students, alum and fans.

This is certainly one of the best moments of my adult life as a sports fan. MSU had not been to the Rose Bowl since 1988, and that was before a pledged my allegiance to them. What is kinda cool is that this will be the last time this game gets awarded to the B1G Champion, as we head to the 4-team playoff next year. It may be more difficult getting there in the future, but what a way to finish out the old way.

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  1. Congratulations. Big win for MSU. I was actually rooting for them just for yours and Watsonian’s sake. Well that and I hate Urban Meyer but congratulations anyhow.

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