Parents won’t buy their kids RGIII jerseys

RedskinsKidsJerseyGriffinIII10_edited1The #1 selling jersey in the NFL last season was that of Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. This isn’t the case this season, and you can blame the parents of young Skins fans for that.

According to a report in the NY Times, vendors at FedEx Field said they have seen a steep drop in purchases for RG3 jerseys, and they have firsthand knowledge of why (via ThePostgame):

“Ooh, a lot of people are backing off from RG3 right now, a whole lot of people,” Smith said before Sunday’s game against the Giants. He said sales of Griffin’s $100 jersey had fallen by half in recent weeks, and he described how several young fans on Sunday came up to him with their parents and asked for a Griffin jersey, only to have Mom or Dad steer them to another choice.

“Nah, you don’t want that guy’s jersey,” he said, quoting a typical exchange. “He’s not playing too well, and who knows if he’ll play well again?”

The NFL jersey business is a great one. It makes sooooooooooo much money. NFL fans are sheep, they just keep buying new ones. I fell prey to this when I didn’t have a family to take care of. I resisted purchasing for myself until I was 18, and then bought a Jason Sehorn. He established himself as one of the best cornerbacks in the game the previous season. I bought a replica for $79.00 at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Binghamton, NY (Location of the very first Dick’s). Sehorn then promptly tore his ACL on a kick return in preseason. The Giants would then change their uniforms, basically making that a throwback. Sehorn was never the same, and was the defensive goat in the Ravens thrashing of the Giants in the Super Bowl.


I don’t want to get too far off the beaten path, but I purchased different ones after that. None of these guys played many years with the Giants, until I bought the one I last wore at Super Bowl 46, Eli Manning. Basically, I was one of flock. I venture I spent thousands on these jerseys. I decided to stop buying them, because most players don’t stick around long enough. Injuries, free agencies, shooting themselves in the leg, or in the case of RG3, crappy play.

You really cannot blame the parents from not wanting to buy a $100 shirt, especially if we are talking youth size. Kids grow like weeds. I suggest parents should only buy their kids youth size jerseys from Babies R Us. My daughter likes to wear her Eli or Michigan State jersey everyday. My son wore both of them, and my newest kid will eventually wear them. We bought them for 30 bucks.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, RG3 sucks, so buyer beware.

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  1. Tell the truth, did you wear your Sehorn jersey to bed and make your wife pretend to be Angie Harmon?

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