The Week That Was College Football: Week 14


No witty intro…The last 15 seconds of Auburn-Alabama was a visual poem displaying why college football is without a doubt  the greatest sport on earth. The fluid nature of the kick. The desperation grab of the return man. The crowd’s reaction. It was beautiful, and even though I wasn’t a fan of either team, I wanted to see it again, and again, and again. I could feel the pain of the Alabama faithful in contrast to the bat-shittingly crazy vibe of the Auburn fans. It was everything I love about the sport. It can’t get better than that.

Whaaaaaaattttt just happened? Yeah, that was insane. The best ending to a football game in ages. Just, wow. Good thing there is no playoff this year or else it would be completely meaningless.

I can’t remember what came on the radio when I was driving to work, this morning. Damn internet age attention span…There are very few, “what were you doing?” moments in sports. It’s not like everyday life, a universal, “what were you doing” moment in sports requires a few things.

(1) A great matchup.
(2) Some crazy ass play that you can’t forget.
(3) It has to be the end or very near the end of the game.

Not a lot comes to mind. The Pistons-Pacers fight comes to mind. Maybe Jordan’s last shot. Gibson’s home run. I wasn’t a cognizant sports fan, but the Stanford-Cal play sits there college football wise.

See above . . . But yes, this will go down as one of the greatest plays to ever happen in college football. Heated rivalry, division on the line, and the ultimate football villain, Nicky Saban.

RESPEK NUCKLES…Give Gus Malzahn a screeny fist bump. A year ago Auburn was 3-9, in the pits, and making the difficult decision to fire a coach who won a National Championship 2 years earlier. Now, they have a shot at the SEC, and a remote shot of playing for the BCS Championship. Who would have predicted that in August?

PAY THIS MAN . . . I wonder if any of the big coaching vacancies (and potential vacancies) are going to show interest in Malzahn. USC? Texas? Or perhaps Malzahn is committed to Auburn. Let the speculation run rampant!!!!!!

And may the odds be ever in your favor…I absolutely loved Brady Hoke’s call to go for two against Ohio State. Why not? Because it could cost you a shot at playing your New Years game in Orlando? Because, if missed,  would be another loss on his record? The call was gutsy, but Michigan had been annihilating Ohio State’s defense all game. It is decisions like that, that leave me believing Brady Hoke is going to do something really good somewhere.

Cajones of steel . . . At the time, I tweeted that I loved the call to go for it and respected Hoke for doing so. Then they call the worst 2-point play ever ran in the history of football. You run a spread-option offense with a very mobile QB who is at his best outside of the pocket, yet you run a straight drop back pocket pass play? DUMB DUMB DUMB.

BLANCO ELECTRIC INTERNETS RAGE…You remember that time around 6 week or so ago when everyone was convinced that there would be 5 teams finishing the year unblemished and the BCS would ride the tainted dick of a goat into the sunset?…It’s probably not an issue now.

Pats self on back . . . I truly believe that you and I are the only people that have been saying, let things play out.

Speaking in definites gets you places…If any of the two remaining major unbeaten goes down in the next few days, it will be Ohio State. Duke is a nice football team, David Cutcliffe has worked a freaking miracle there, but they don’t stand a punchers chance against the Noles.

Roll damn Spartans? . . . OSU is favored by 5.5 or 6 depending on the site you look at. MSU has a top 10 defense (some might say the best in the country), they’ve won 10 games, all by double digits, and OSU proved they have a pedestrian defense. Would it be a huge upset if Sparty rolled this weekend? Not really.

I don’t think much, but when I do, shit gets invented…I always thought Ole Miss was insane when they dropped David Cutcliffe, there HAD to be some intra-office issues. The guy can flat out coach.

PAY THIS MAN Part 2 . . . Cutcliffe should be on the short list for any and all job openings. To do what he has done at Duke is more than impressive. Too bad Tennessee screwed the pooch on that one.

Heismini…Any voter who outright says, “I will not vote for Jameis Winston” simply because someone has accused him of sexual assault, and while no charges have been filed is an idiot and deserves to lose their vote. There is no question. The guy is the best player in college football. The accusations, while unfortunate, are several months old and still haven’t been filed. There is a solid chance that they’ll never be filed. Why take the award away because of that that? It’s pointless. Besides, who the hell else would you vote for? There has never been a MORE obvious pick.

Feel the . . . what’s the opposite of excitement? Winston should win the Heisman. This is the least exciting Heisman race in my short time on this earth. I don’t really care who wins it. Blah blah blah.

Top 4 playoff-sanity:

Trey: FSU-Ohio State – Auburn – Alabama (Waits for Watsonian to put Michigan State)

Watsonian: 1.) FSU 2.) Ohio State 3.) Auburn 4.) Oklahoma State

  • cabbage

    By the way Trey, I thought the Gators were respectable for the first time in a long time. The final score was not indicative of the effort put forth.

    I haven’t watched tOSU much (hardly at all), but to allow Michigan 600 yards of total offense is amazing. They have been just terrible all season. i realize it’s a rivalry game, but really?

    I think Sparty has a decent shot. Their D seems legit (not sold on B1G offenses) and they should have enough offense to outscore the Buckeyes.

    Lastly, Texas would be foolish not to make a significant offer to Malzahn. He’s young, he’s proven, and this offense of his is tough to contain. With the athletes available in Texas, they would instantly become relevant again.

    • Treigh. Just Tret

      By the way Trey, I thought the Gators were respectable for the first time in a long time. The final score was not indicative of the effort put forth.

      Outside of the Georgia Southern game, I thought we played pretty hard all things considered. (People forget we held Vnady to under 200 yards of offense, the turnovers killed us)

      That being said, yes, I thought we played hard Saturday. Muschamp planned on using Burton at QB for half the snaps. When he went down, it killed the offense. The defense was awesome, but when your offense goes 3 and out every time they touch the ball, and you’re playing walk ons, they eventually fade.

      I don’t usually watch the games at a bar, but we did Saturday. The Gator fans sang we are the boys together. It was pretty awesome. I did hear the entire stadium break out in “It’s Great to Be a Florida Gator” in the 4th when down. I think a good portion of the fan base understands Foley’s thinking even if they might not agree with it.

  • cabbage

    Sark to USC is looking like it is going to happen. Not impressed.

    • starkweather

      I like it. USC fans are lukewarm on it because of his ties to Kiffykins but I think Sark is a good coach. Leaps and bounds better than Coach O, as a point of reference, and look how that’s gone (last Saturday notwithstanding)

      • cabbage

        So, who is going to be smart enough to pounce on Coach O as DC/head recruiter? Or will Coach O wait for a HC job at a lessor school? Personally, I would love to see him move across town to UCLA.

        • Dave K

          He will replace narduzzi

          • cabbage

            Where do you think Narduzzi goes? tOSU? j/k

          • Dave K


        • starkweather

          I would love to see him go back to Miami.

          • cabbage

            He and Golden would be formidable on the recruiting trail.

  • cabbage

    Interesting sidenote to B1G CG. If, and a big IF, tOSU were somehow able to blow out Sparty bad enough that they drop 5 spots in the BCS poll, the Rose Bowl has an open spot.

  • starkweather

    I’ve always thought that Jimbo Fisher is as close to Bobby Bowden as one can get and here he is spouting the most Bobby Bowden thing ever to be said by somebody other than Bobby Bowden:

  • cycledan

    On the field Winston easily wins the Heisman. Tough thing about allegations of sexual assault is that it is really difficult to prove if it was rape or consensual in these “he said, she said” situations. Our system is innocent until proven guilty for a good reason. However if there is specific information or evidence that we don’t publicly have yet that lends credence to the girl’s story, then you can’t vote for him. For example, if he denied having sex with her and DNA shows he did then I think he is out. But there have been a number of cases where players were accused and it turns out they were innocent like the St. Johns basketball players (who were still tossed out of school anyhow) and of course the Duke Lacrosse players who certainly had their lives disrupted.

    And FWIW, I think MSU beats Ohio State this weekend for the simple reason that I think they are a better team and I think Urban Meyer is the anti-Christ. Also Alabama is the 2nd best team in the country even if they lost to Auburn. FSU is by far the #1 team and I really wanted to see them play Alabama. Now we have to settle for FSU – Auburn/OSU.

    • starkweather

      If he gets formally charged, Winston is off the team until he is proven innocent.

  • starkweather

    There has never been a MORE obvious pick

    Is he even the most obvious Heisman winner in FSU history? Charlie Ward was a pretty easy pick.

  • cabbage

    Another interesting coach who should get interest is Rhett Lashley, Auburn’s OC. He’s young, but he played and has coached under Malzahn since high school. He knows this offense inside and out. Head coach at a big school might be a stretch, but would love to have that knowledge on my staff.

    • Dave K

      Please send him to MSU and throw Jim Bollman into a lake of fire.