The Week that Was College Football: Week 12

There is only one week left in college football’s regular season. Boo. That doesn’t mean Week 12 of the season didn’t give us some moments. Baylor shat coffee all over their resume. Ohio State is setting up their best Boise State arguemnt. And Johnny Manzeil is probably not going to win the Maxwell Award. JOIN US!

ROAR, I’m a bear. You’re a Koala, Matt. I’m a bear!…Baylor’s loss shouldn’t come as a surprise, Oklahoma State is peaking. That’s not to say Baylor isn’t good, they were just playing out of their mind. Give it up to Oklahoma State’s usually shaky defense for not laying off. It frustrated the Bears. It killed their rhythm early. It ultimately undid them.

Bang! Bang! Pow! Pow! Cowboy up . . . Mike Gundy and the Cowboys manned up and dominated from the opening kickoff. And no, that should not be a surprise. Baylor is a good team, but drinking the national championship Kool-aid was a mistake. They play in the weakest of the five major conferences, and OK State was their biggest test of the year. Going undefeated in today’s college football is a rarity. That doesn’t mean the season hasn’t been a huge success for future Longhorn coach Art Briles.

No sneeze glass on the salad bar…Don’t let this game ruin your perception of Baylor, what Art Briles and his staff have done in Waco is nothing short of a miracle. With a new tarpless stadium on the round and a long term contract, the future is bright.

Not so fast, my bald midget friend . . . Baylor is having another good season, but remember when Texas Tech had a couple of those? Yeah, this is just a blip on the radar. Baylor is not a football powerhouse, and I highly doubt they can have sustained success as far as being a top 10 team annually. Might they settle in nicely to that 8-4 area? Maybe.

So, she chased the preacher around the church, until she grabbed him by the organ…This was exactly the type of loss I thought we’d see from Oregon during the preseason. Listen, the Ducks are an unbelievably talented team, but they run a system that can really go to hell if they ‘re unable to set the tone.  Yardage wasn’t the issue in this game, it was the untimely turnovers.

Yeah, about the other night . . . I’d rather not talk about this game. I think I was higher on Oregon than most this year. I thought they’d run the table. Ooops.

Oh, hey Rich-Rod.

Think Michigan wishes they had a little more patience now?

So, he eats the banana, and becomes all powerful…Will someone please recall Heisman Manzeil for Texas A&M? Needless to say that team looks extremely fucking ordinary when he’s not back there chasing daisies while opposing defense go into shit shock. Credit LSU. Credit the weather. Don’t credit, Johnny Football though. He looked lost.

Johnny Fuckin’ Footbawwwwwwllllllll . . . Some people think he’s going to be star in the NFL. I just don’t see it. Then again, Oregon . . . . ignore my opinions.

On Missouri . . . The Tigers have a tough one with the aforementioned Aggies this week. Win? They’re going to Atlanta, with an outside shot at the National Championship Game. Lose? They’re playing in the Cotton Bowl. (Trey Note: As a Gata, this is the type of warm fuzzy that has me believing we’ll be back on top next fall. Right?)

Just a biiiitttt outside . . . Yeah, I guess Mizzou has an outside shot at the national title game, but it’s pretty far outside. The SEC just ain’t what it used to be. I mean, Bama gonna Bama, but the rest of the conference seems a bit thin. Does anyone think Mizzou would be a favorite against the second, third, or fourth place teams in some other conferences? Would Mizzou be favored against Wisconsin or UCLA? I think not. Whatever.

Ain’t no playoff dis year…(1) Alabama (2) FSU (3) Ohio State (4) Mizzou

ONLY ONE MORE YEAR . . . (1)Alabama (2)Ohio State (3)FSU (4)Michigan State

  • cabbage

    for future Longhorn coach Art Briles.

    If he is seriously being considered, does Texas let his agent know before their game?

    I mean, are you going to hire a guy that just laid 70 on your ass?

  • cabbage

    Some people think he’s going to be star in the NFL. I just don’t see it.

    Agreed. Most of of what he throws up, on a hope and a prayer, will get picked off in the bigs. Not to mention, him getting rocked like RG3 on a consistent basis.

  • cabbage

    Would Mizzou be favored against Wisconsin or UCLA? I think not.

    Got to disagree. Mizzou with a healthy Franklin is a formidable opponent. Assuming both get to the SEC, I think they give Bama their toughest game of the year.

    I would take Mizzou against any team from the B1G or Pac-12, with only Oregon making me sweat.

    Mizzou has the best group of pass rushing DEs in college football. Would love to see a Mizzou/Sparty bowl matchup. That would be some fun defense to watch.

    • starkweather

      Not sure if you’ve been noticing but USC post-Kiffin would rock Mizzou all in the face. Other teams at the top of the Pac would probably be a tossup. UCLA, for instance, depends entirely on which version of Brett Hundley is playing. Arizona has to grind (which is weird with it being a RichRod team, I don’t really trust them next year in a post-Ka’Deem Carey world) but you saw what they did to Oregon.

      • cabbage

        Maybe, if the game was in Cali, but I still have much respect for the Mizzou D and their offense is much better with Franklin at QB. He is a big kid, a lot like Tebow.

        I watched the Zona/Ducks game, but I think a lot of it was the Ducks just not being ready to play. I like Carey a lot and Zona would have scored some and controlled some clock, but a Duck team with a pulse should have been able to outscore them.

        Speaking of teams without a pulse, how in the hell did OK State ever lose to WV? That has to be driving Gundy nuts. Without that loss and the curbstomping of Baylor, they are in the mix for NC talk. Definitely ahead of tOSU.

        • Watsonian

          How did MSU lose to Notre Dame? FUCK

          Oh yeah, terrible refs making terrible calls.

          • cabbage

            And Sparty had ZERO offense at that point of the season. And Zero might be a compliment.

  • cabbage

    Trey, you didn’t mention Florida, but I would hope that Gator fans check themselves and ask who they think they can get to take Muschamp’s place, before asking for his head.

    I know they ain’t happy, but there just aren’t that many good options available.

    • Treigh. Just Tret

      Post coming.