Will Muschamp, from a Gator

What the hell has besieged my beloved Florida Gators? Never in a million billion years did I foresee this Florida team losing to a Georgia Southern. The whole ideas still seems impossible. Post game, I was all over myself. I stood in front of the TV speechless and disgusted. I wanted to strangle everything in sight. I didn’t though. I told myself, THIS IS NOT HOW HEALTHY PEOPLE ACT!

Cooler heads had to prevail, and once I calmed down, I looked at things from a distance. You have to plot your surroundings before you retaliate.

To be honest I wasn’t going to be writing about Muschamp until the season ended. Overreacting after a loss to Missouri, or Georgia, or Vanderbilt in the state our team was in was a silly idea. Besides, it’s only fair to Muschamp the entire season before passing lofty medicine ball known as “judgment” around. With one week left, I think this is a good point. Whatever happens in Saturday’s game won’t change my opinion anyway.

I’ll start here:

I’m okay with Will Muschamp returning next year.

I still believe Muschamp is a good coach. To some that is probably an absurd proposition, as the guy is a Nor’easter blast on the University of Florida’s modern college football record book. And you don’t need to remind me how the “numbers compare” with that Mickey Mouse sounding coach we paraded on the sidelines 10 years ago. With all this ugly, how can one come to such an unbearable conclusion?

It begins with 2012. 11-2. Wins on the road at Texas A&M and at FSU. Wins at home against LSU and South Carolina. All 4 finished within the top 12. One of those teams beat the National Champs and had the Heisman winner.


No, winning one game is a fluke. Flying through that schedule, with that record, requires some skillful scheming.


I can’t. The offense was unbearable parade of shit, but we knew that coming in. Muschamp coached around not needing those guys, and won doing it. It wasn’t what we were used to. Florida fans saw our program as the innovator of major college football’s offensive revolution. Will’s game planning around the offense was just duct tape, it wasn’t going to last forever. It certainly wouldn’t last when your already weak offensive roster starts getting popped one by one like quail at hunting resort.

I’m not going to as far to defend the crap that took place on the hallowed grass of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium this past Saturday. That was an inexcusable hodgepodge that could best be labeled on Wikipedia as “2013. PERIOD.” If Will Muschamp is given his walking papers sometime in the next few weeks, it would be very tough to say he didn’t earn it with such a loss.

Lets step back and remember, no matter what happens , the University of Florida will be fine. Even if there are a few more lean years in football, it’s always cyclical. Alabama, USC, Texas and whoever else you want to tag as a power has been through this before. The question is how long will it take?

This isn’t 2004. There isn’t an adorable replacement like an Urban Meyer or Bobby Petrino out there to bring in some serious firepower that will automatically change the direction of this program. (well there is a Petrino, but this year’s modelcomes dragging the corpse of Eeyore in a duffle bag).  A new coach is a 3 year commitment. You have to be really sold on the new guy, and sold on Muschamp being the plague to make a move. A bad decision and you become a revolving door of coaches who don’t work. You become Tennessee. No one wants to be Tennessee.

If Jeremy Foley believes Will Muschamp is the guy to lead Florida, then I’ll give the guy a little more credibility than Joe Message Board and Ronald McTwitter. This is the guy who has won 3 National Championships during his tenure as Athletic Director. This is also the same guy who didn’t flinch when he fired a slug into Ron Zook’s career on a Monday in October of 2004. Foley comes armed with power, and he isn’t afraid to drop that guillotine if needed. He’s not going to taint the back end of his career by keeping a coach around because he feels like it.
And the fans? I don’t care what they’re saying now about cancelling their donations. If Florida starts winning with Muschamp they’ll spend.

Where is the fix? I don’t doubt Muschamp will clean house and change a lot of what he’s been doing. He’s smarter than that. If you cure the offensive side of the ball even the slightest bit, you probably change the scene in Gainesville. I keep hearing people banging on the play calling, and they’re partially right. Being honest though, it’s deeper than the gameday play calling, it’s the development of the offensive talent. There is none.  At times we look like one giant pickup game where (to steal a line from EDSBS), BIG DUMB FOOTBALL rules. That HAS to change.

Would I be upset if he were axed? No, not to the degree I would have been 8 weeks ago. The guy has dealt with a crappy hand of injuries that would have been an issue at any school. There is no excuse for Saturday’s loss, but if we sell ourselves on 7 weeks of injury laden football, we’re not doing Muschamp much justice.

 Trust in Jeremy Foley. He knows what he’s doing.  If he wants to keep Muschamp, I’m on board.

Go Gators!

  • cabbage

    The FIRE MUSCHAMP is just crazy talk, at this point. In a season earmarked by injuries, I think two things need to be addressed.
    1. Where are the QBs? Can’t even remember your starters name, but while better than what is being trotted out there now, he was going to be one of the worst in the SEC. A team like Florida should be a minimum of 5 deep at QB. I don’t know if the aren’t recruiting enough or just the wrong ones, but this has to change for the Gators to become relevant again.
    2. After Easley went down they seemed to lose their heart. I’m not saying they quit like last years Auburn team, but this failure cannot be over-looked. This is when a coach earns their money.

    Remind your Gator friends that Bama got beat (not lost, but got beat) by Louisiana-Monroe in Saban’s first year. They were 6-6 that season. (7-6 after an Independance Bowl victory over Colorado, big friggin woo) Bammers weren’t happy, but I’m kinda glad Mal Moore didn’t over-react to this. Point being when your team isn’t great, you can lose to anyone. But just because this years Florida isn’t great, doesn’t mean they can’t be next year (see Auburn).

    • Treigh. Just Tret

      As far as the QBs. We lost Brissett to transfer. He and Driskel were both highly recruited out of high school. Tyler Murphy was a Urban Meyer recruit. Skylar Mornhinweg (the latest QB) was a mid-level HS recruit. He isn’t ready to play yet.