The Week That Was College Football: Week 12

For the past few years Week 12 has been one for the ages. Last year we saw Oregon and Kansas State lose, opening the door for a completely rebuilt Championship game scenario. While this year’s version of the week wasn’t nearly as exciting, it did give us some topics. What happened? Ed Orgeron enter the Coliseum stands with a weapon…Baylor says hello…and Georgia. Holy $#*%.

Forgive us, for we have sinned...I’m not anti-Stanford, I love the entire bland buffet they lay out every Saturday. It’s “my” kinda’ football. For some reason though, I found myself rooting for USC to pull off the upset. I was literally ass to edge that entire fourth quarter. It was the theatre of football at it’s finest.

I pick (closes eyes and points around)…YOU! You’re the untrained professional I need to transport this highly volatile uranium…There has been a lot made about the USC coaching situation and Ed Orgeron’s place in its future. I think it is best said this way, if after interviewing candidates, you feel Ed Orgeron is the best person for the USC coaching job, keep him on. If you don’t, hire someone else. What I’m saying is, don’t make a decision solely on an emotional rally by a pretty talented team. Orgeron absolutely deserves credit for USC’s run, but this is one of the tops gigs in the country, not the nightshift manager at Arby’s.

We found that replacing actual torches with torch apps take the underarm stank out of a angry mob…A week ago the entire anti-BCS media lynch mob was trying to force Stanford into the National Championship discussion with an undefeated Alabama, FSU, Ohio State, and Baylor. The problem wasn’t that Stanford wasn’t good enough to be thrown in such a discussion, it was the fact that it ignored their loss to a Utah team that will struggle to make a bowl game. Losses matter in this system, especially when you have 4 other auto-bid leagues with undefeated teams. With USC handing the Cardinal their second loss, the same group has now turned to Oregon. For the love of all things lovely, stop please. Wait until the situation is ripe.

One day you too could get that call…While they might shoved to the corner for the rime being, Ohio State and Baylor are doing everything right when developing a resume for the BCS. They know there is a battle to be fought should Alabama or FSU stumble. Sexy time will win this battle. No one will notice that they gave up 30+ points and 400+ yards to their opponents, they want to see you scored ungodly amounts of points. So the shit out of the scoreboard operator’s arm.

New New New New New New New New Coke…Georgia has always amazed me in their ability to find new ways to lose games. Auburn was done. They aren’t very good at this here passing game. All Georgia had to do was sit back and knock the ball down when it came their way. So when Nick Marshall reared back and completely underthrew a desperation pass to a receiver in triple coverage, the most Georgia thing to do was practice tip drills. Eventually the program will remember to knock the ball down (See: 2012 SEC Championship Game) The end.

Alternate wipes, cow… All that jobby keepy goodwill that Mack Brown rallied, scraped, constructed, pasted, and stapled together was blown away like a fart in a wind tunnel Saturday night.





  • cabbage

    Classic line from an Auburn message board: “Even the Kenyans think we run too much.”

  • p co martine

    Watching the U.S.C. game—how come NOBODY commented on the ‘phantom’ 1st down? You know the ball was placed and they stretched the chain, and, and the ball was at least two links SHORT (Past the ball) so it was NOT a first down.
    I didn’t describe this well: BALL placed, chain stretched. Ball was 2 to 3 links behind the 1st down sticks.
    How come NOBODY remarks about the bone head referees, huh.??

    Have we become so P.C. we can’t say, hey that ref needs a refresher course!!!

    It did not affect the game.
    I’m a USC grad.