Whoops! Michigan State ruined a Kentucky fan site quickly

Kentucky Wildcats fans are loyal. Delusional, too. No team has gone undefeated in college basketball since Bobby Knight’s Indiana Hoosiers back in 1976. Needless to say, nobody is foolish enough to actually think that their team will do that. Oh wait, remember what I said about delusional Kentucky Wildcat fans?


So it seems a group of them setup a website called 40and0.com. They have a long story about the fruition of it, but the gist is, Louisville won it all, and that means we are going undefeated this season. They cite the #1 recruiting class and being preseason #1, and blah blah blah…They have T-shirts!!!!

Okay, so their first test of the season was tonight against #2 ranked Michigan State. MSU never trailed, and fought off a valiant rally to capture a 78-74 victory. Kentucky is now 2-1. Whoops. Yeah, it was never a good idea. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, 39and1.com is still available.

2 thoughts on “Whoops! Michigan State ruined a Kentucky fan site quickly

  1. Congrats, good victory for MSU and no doubt who is #1 next week. Caught the end of the game which was fairly exciting.

    I watched a meaningless game where Syracuse beat Fordham soundly in the first half and sleep walked through the second half.

    • Yeah, it is a fun win. Get to be #1. Long way to go. Terrible on the glass and poor half-court offense. Good to see weaknesses like that in an early win against a talented team.

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