Video: George Brett has a very friendly run-in with an autograph seeker

Kansas City Royals legend George Brett is happy to sign autographs to adoring fans, just not the guy in the video below. Before we get into particulars of the incident, see for yourself what happened:


“If I ever see you (expletive) again, I’m going to shoot your (expletive) ass, do you understand?” Brett says.

Now, the reaction for most would be “George Brett is a world-class asshole.” I mean, that’s what the man who made the video called him in it. Well, that wouldn’t exactly be fair. According to Brett, he has been consistently hounded by this particular autograph seeker, who then sells whatever it is that Brett signs. Brandon Farrens is the name of the man who ends up receiving the fury of Brett, and he admits that he has asked Brett several times for his autograph, and that he does make money from it. So, we will try to cut Brett a bit of slack, because this guy seems to be a bit of annoyance.

Farrens taped this latest encounter with Brett at the Kansas City International Airport, which would lead me to believe that he expected Brett to not be happy about it. He posted the video to YouTube.

Brett said he regrets using the type of language that he used, but not the message he delivered to Farrens.

Ironically, George Brett had just arrived to accept an award from the Native Sons and Daughters of Greater Kansas City for being their Outstanding Kansas Citian. He promptly told them to go f*** themselves.*

*No he didn’t.