Phish and Memphis college basketball history

Throwback to the mid-00s

Flashback to March 2005 at the FedEx Forum.

Darius Washington was a freshman sensation. He was the second leading scorer for the Tigers and its leading assist man.

But most remember him for this moment, whose postscript was well-written in SI by Grant Wahl.

Fast forward to Halloween 2013 in Atlantic City.

The incident inspired Vermont-based band Phish to compose and develop into a song about it, entitled “The Line.”.

Here’s a listen.

If you want to sing the lyrics:

Dry mouth, push it out, I can hear my heart pound
A hero’s what I’m not
Voices scream, flashes flare, frozen as the people stare
My crucifixion shot

Friends were electric on the western side while triangles
Were shifting on the floor
Squeezing out the breath that I don’t have, they’re quiet now
They only want two more

And you step to the line
And you step to the line

Every shot I’ve taken has led me to this moment
Since I was 4 feet high
Big D is watching, I remember what he taught me
Don’t let ‘em see you cry


Try to see your future from the line
You’re clinging to the notion you’ll be fine
But the circle’s getting smaller all the time

It is said to be included on the upcoming LP entitled Wingsuit, and the song tackles the incident from Darius’ perspective.

For those wondering whatever happened to him, he has been bouncing around in Europe, the latest being in the Turkish league with Olin Edirne. He also gained Macedonian citizenship, but has been overshadowed for the national team cause by a certain Bo McCalebb.

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  1. I remember watching that and the line, “someone’s gotta help that kid up.”

    Good piece JP.

  2. If it’s a Phish song, you should probably just fast forward to the 420 mark. Just sayin. ;)

    Nice write up JP.

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