Pat Sajak knocks Flyers on Twitter

'Wheel Of Fortune' Celebrity WeekI’m not sure who looks freakier at this point. Pat Sajak or Vanna White? In any event, because of the continued success of game show “Wheel of Fortune,” they have remained relevent (thanks plastic surgeons!). Sajak has over 14K followers on Twitter, and he probably was never more popular than last night when he tweeted out his disgust of the Philadelphia Flyers organization following the team’s 7-0 loss to the Capitals.

Sajak is right, the Flyers are shameful. They fired their head coach three games into the season, and haven’t really done much better since. Last night’s game was atrocious, as one can easily notice by the score. But it was even worse, as the team’s ended up getting into a fight, as well. The goalies went at it (who doesn’t like a good goalie fight?) and it resulted in Vincent Lecavalier with injuries to his face and Steve Downie with a concussion.

Of course, Sajak’s tweet didn’t sit well with some Flyers fans:


Well, while I agree that Trebek and his condescending hosting ways are way better than whatever it is that Sajak does, he is spot-on about the Flyers. They stink. One doesn’t have to know a lot about hockey to figure that out.

  • Karl

    Patty your sissy and here is a quarter go call somebody who cares!

    • cabbage

      Somebody needs to buy some vowels.

      • Dave K


  • Farnsworth

    Enjoy last place goons. Again…

  • William

    I agree that my Flyers are awful, but I wholly disagre with Pat. If he’s refering to their play I could understand, but if he’s refering to the fights that’s what most people watch for whether that’s right or not is up for debate. All teams have enforcers and goons for just these sort of sittuations and teams tend to get in fights and do dumb things when they’re getting killed (like when you’re losing 7-0). I do think something is very wrong with my team, and I do think there needs to be changes made to the NHL, but to suggest that the Flyers are what’s wrong with hockey is ludicrous.