‘Duck Dynasty’ star was the starting QB for La. Tech

phil-robertson-from-duck-dynastyPhil Robertson, one of the long-bearded stars of the hit cable show Duck Dynasty, was at one point the BMOC for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.

The founder of Duck Commander, a company which manufactures duck calls, was the quarterback for the football team in Ruston, until his desire for the gridiron left him. His backup was none other than future NFL Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw, in 1966.

Here he is discussing things with his former teammate and the current Fox Sports NFL analyst:

It isn’t hard to understand why someone would fall out of love with football when they are the starter for a collegiate team that finishes 1-9, and throws only 4 touchdowns versus 18 interceptions. That isn’t a lot of fun. He would be supplanted by Bradshaw the following year, and he would leave the team in 1968, his final year of eligibility. It seems Robertson ended up landing on his feet, considering his family’s company makes $40 million in revenue each year, and has the highest-rated television show on cable TV.

Anyway, here are some hightlights (lowlights more like it) of Robertson facing Alabama in 1966:

H/T Business Insider

  • Sgt D

    Old News. In Louisiana we’ve known this since the early 80’s.

    It’s called Duckmen Vol. 1(VHS)

  • Bill Brasky

    Holy hell have you been in a hole for the last four years??

  • thomas

    The opposing quarterback would win a super bowl 10 years later. Yep, that is Kenny Stabler sporting that #12 jersey.

  • Jason

    Very old news.

  • Brett

    Apparently, Dave K actually WAS born yesterday.

  • http://thevictoryformation.com Dave K

    eh, Dave K doesn’t watch the show.

  • http://packer-madness.com Michael

    I watch DD but never knew this. Terry Bradshaw must be so grateful for ducks.