What Blackhawks fans watch at the games

Look closely at the tablet which is being held by a Chicago Blackhawks fan. Let me rephrase that, a fan of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. And people were getting on the Panthers for promoting that they were showing the Red Sox game?


Yes, that is an episode of daytime talk show, “Ellen.”

Granted, we are still only a couple of weeks into what is a very long NHL regular season, this is very sad. Chicago loves to tout themselves as having a great fan base, but this puts a bit of a dent into it. Yes, we do not know at what point during the game this took place (it very well could intermission), but that doesn’t excuse it.

I mean, Ellen? Come on, dude. You need to turn in your man card (we are pretty sure it is a guy). Hockey is the best sport to watch live, this is unacceptable.

H/T Deadspin

  • Treigh. Just Tret

    What if it’s an intermission? Does that make it better?