USC fans really want to fire Lane Kiffin

lane-kiffin-getty-t2It is the beginning of the end for USC head coach Lane Kiffin. While he has been able to maintain some of the best recruiting classes in the country while the Trojans were on probation, banned from bowl games, and dealing with scholarship reductions, he hasn’t been able to win enough games. The latest misstep was Saturday night when the team lost 10-7 to a pretty sad Washington State team. This coming after a pretty uninspiring win against Hawaii in the season opener. Kiffin has just been unable to use the great talent he has attracted to LA. The fans don’t like him, from what we have heard, the alumni doesn’t like him, and he is probably gone at the end of the season unless a major turnaround happens.

But that may not be good enough for the Trojan faithful, who are literally taking to the streets in protest of Kiffin:

Very creative, and very funny.

H/T SB Nation

  • cabbage

    In 7 seasons, not counting this year, his head coaching(pro and college) record is 38-35.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    • Dave K

      Al Davis wasn’t the crazy evil one.

  • Eddie

    How did this dude get the keys to the Ferrari. At least drive like you stole man.

  • Sherry Darnell

    Thank God he left Tennessee!!!!!

  • Russell

    Gone this week, get Jeff Fisher, Jack Del Rio, Jon Gruden on the phone, let Kiffin see them coming to meetings at Heritage Hall.

    Clay Mathews Sr. can coach the D (though the D seems to be fine this year so we can leave that as is for now if need be)

    Marcus Allen can coach the O, get him a strong QB coach.

    Lane can stay if he wants, quietly in the background as the recurting coordinator.

    Pat Haden crossed a line, Kiffing should have been gone with the 2012 seasons 2nd loss.

    Anyone with self respect would have resigned after the Wazzu fiasco

  • Johnathan

    USC wanted the kiffins so bad they did everything they could to steal them from Tennessee. Being a Tennessee fan for a very long time i was hopeful that he could fill the hole left when Fulmer left but obviously that didnt work out. I am so thankful this worked out like it did and i think USC should keep him for a few more years since they wanted him so bad.

    GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!