Farmer’s Almanac: Snow in the forecast for the Super Bowl

1000x1000px-LL-5f983467_GiantsstadiumDepending on how you look at it, a Super Bowl with snow is an absolute disaster or exactly what it should be. We are six months away from finding out just how bad it could be if Jack Frost shows up on February 2nd. If we are to believe the Farmer’s Almanac, which claims to have an 80% accuracy with its forecasts, we are in for a snow bowl at the big game.

From the NY Post:

The 197-year-old publication that hits newsstands Monday predicts a winter storm will hit the Northeast around the time the Super Bowl is played at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands in New Jersey. It also predicts a colder-than-normal winter for two-thirds of the country and heavy snowfall in the Midwest, Great Lakes and New England.

Not only is the publication predicting a snow storm, but extreme cold at the time of the game. If proven to be correct, it certainly would be the first Super Bowl that anyone can remember to be truly played in the elements that are much more accustomed to football.

Scientists don’t put much stock into the formula that the Alamanac uses, and their accuracy stems much more from their overall look at the seasons, and not the particular dates.

When Roger Goodell officially announced that New York/New Jersey would host the Super Bowl 48, most fans groaned about the decision. Many believe that severe weather shouldn’t play into impact on a game. There are others that believe that this is what real football is all about. I say, forget the game.

The biggest concerns should be about the week leading up to the Super Bowl, and what bad weather could do to all the events that fans typically attend. Bad weather would most certainly keep the locals in their homes, and it might keep others from traveling out into an area they aren’t familiar with. Couple that with the possibility of bad traffic the day of the game. As resourceful as the NYC-area is in terms of snow removal, it can become paralyzed due to Mother Nature’s power.

  • cabbage

    Snow in the winter in NYC, who’d a thunk it?

    Bad idea from the initial inception.

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