Jon Lester tweeted his terrible Temple Run score during a game

It wasn’t beer and chicken, but probably won’t go over well, especially after a lousy start. Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester tweeted out his score playing the phone app Temple Run while the Red Sox trailed the Diamondbacks on Friday night in the ninth inning. The tweet as since been deleted, but just in case you missed it, below is the image from the Tweet which included the text “I got 1,209 points while escaping from demon monkeys. Beat that!”


If you don’t play the game, that’s a terrible score. That means he died at the first gap. I’m pretty sure my son who is seven did better than that the first time he ever played the game, and he was 5 back then. We think Lester was being a bit sarcastic with his excitement (It has been pointed out to us that it appears to be an autoweet).

Lester is no stranger to dicking around during a baseball game. Back in 2011, him and other teammates were busy drinking beer and eating chicken wings in the Red Sox clubhouse during games in which they were not playing in. He did admit that the behavior back then was innappropriate. Tonight probably wouldn’t matter if Lester didn’t allow 6 earned runs in only 4.1 innigs. Then again, the Red Sox are still in first place in the AL East. But if they collapse, it is all Lester’s fault for playing games.


Lester has since claimed that it was his 3-year-old that was playing the game:

We imagine this version of ‘I was hacked’ is within the realm of possibility with how horrendous that score was and the autotweet feature. If that is the case, what is a 3-year-old doing up at 10:30 at night? Forget being a bad teammate, that’s just not good parenting.