Russia doesn’t think very much of Chris Bosh

Here in the United States, Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are commonly referred to as the Big 3 for the Miami Heat. While James is obviously the Alpha-Dog of the group, one cannot dismiss the contributions of the two others. After all, head coach Eric Spoelstra is always quick to remind everyone just how important Bosh is to the team’s winning of the past two NBA Titles. But Mother Russia isn’t all that impressed with him.

I am sure you have an older aunt or maybe a grandmother that has a set of nesting dolls. 3-year-olds enjoy opening these up and finding smaller and smaller figurines as they play around with them. Well, in Russia, they are selling a Miami Heat set, and here it is:


Okay, so while we could expect Bosh to be smaller than Wade, this isn’t exactly how it is supposed to go. They way these things work, he should be only slightly smaller if he is indeed the third one in the package, and he probably should be. If he isn’t and there are more within the Wade doll, then that is just another slap in the face to Bosh. I take it that they look at Bosh as just some random role player at this point, right?

H/T Reddit via Business Insider

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    I’m unsure if this counts as news news or even news. Could somebody please issue a worning?