CJ Wilson was livin’ ‘thugluv’ in high school

Now, I’m not sure if Los Angeles Angles pitcher CJ Wilson was the biggest tool in high school, or if he has an incredible sense of humor, or if he went through a phase like many other suburban white kids that I attended school with that talked like they were working for Suge Knight at Death Row Record, but this high school picture of him that surfaced recently is absolutely hysterical.

Yep, that’s right, CJ Wilson in shirt, tie and sports coat busted out these lines for the caption of his senior photo: “Thugluv 2 NS,SB, the DPMVC, NFC4LIFE. Chix Dig Me. 2PAC lives!”

Wilson graduated high school the same year I did, and I know a handful of guys that did something similar with their senior wills. Now, I grew up in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and our high school was located on Long Lake Rd, or otherwise known as 18 mile road. I think you catch my drift. Anyway, Wilson graduated from Fountain Valley High School, and the town he grew up in was middle class. That’s not exactly thug-life. In all actuality, Wilson claims to live a life of straight-edge. That means, no drinking, no smoking, no drugs. That ain’t thugluv at all.