Report: Johnny Manziel was partying on Bourbon Street before getting kicked out of Manning Camp

Johnny-Manziel-speaks-at-SEC-Media-Days-in-Alabama_102110Last weekend, Rumors and Rants reported that Johnny Manziel missed morning meetings at the Manning Passing Camp in Thibodaux, LA and was promptly sent home by Archie Manning. While specifics were not divulged at that time, there were several ensuing reports that did confirm Manziel going back to College Station before the weekend at the camp was over, but denying he was kicked out. Today, Rumors and Rants is once again spilling the beans with a follow-up report which gives us a little more insight as to just what Manziel was doing, just a few hours before he was supposed to be waking up with roommate A.J. McCarron to report for morning assignments.

From R&Rs:

Basically it boils down to this: Manziel apparently lied to his own mother about his reason for missing camp meetings on Saturday morning, misled the media on SEC Media Day and threw Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron under the bus by forcing him to answer questions about why he didn’t wake Manziel up on Saturday morning. What McCarron had to avoid saying was the truth: he couldn’t wake Manziel up, because Manziel wasn’t in their room.

No one knows for sure where Manziel slept on Friday night, and the exact location is probably none of our damn business. But we do know it wasn’t at a Nicholls State dorm with roomie McCarron. It was reported to Archie Manning that Johnny Football was last seen somewhere on Bourbon Street in New Orleans at around 4 a.m. (The Nicholls campus is about an hour drive from New Orleans).

This was Johnny’s first mistake. Not necessarily going to New Orleans, but lying about it to Archie, who had already been informed by a friend that Manziel was out on Bourbon. Basically Manning gave Manziel the chance to explain himself the next day when Archie already knew full well what had happened and where he was — classic parent move! — but Manziel chose not to tell the truth.

Even so, Archie was not the driving force behind Manziel’s departure. That was Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens, who was formerly at Tulane and is in charge of making the schedules and drawing up the counseling assignments for the many college quarterbacks who run drills for the high school players at the camp. Teevens thought it was unfair for Manziel to be kept around for the final day-and-a half of the camp when the rest of the quarterbacks in attendance had shown up to all scheduled meetings and put the work in. Our source said that Manziel missed or was late to “every” staff meeting, including on Friday. Archie came to agree with Teevens’ vantage point and Manziel was sent home.

Rumors and Rants is clear to point that their original report said it was Archie Manning’s decision to send Manziel home, but did say that they were mistaken from the information they received, as it was Teevens who told him to pack his bags and leave.

There isn’t much we can add to this, but a hearty tip of the cap to Rumors and Rants for their reporting. The follow-up to last weekend’s news is top-notch, and they also attempt to keep Manziel accountable for this actions. Hopefully, those in position of power over Manziel will take note and do so themselves.

  • Chris

    How much more can the media drag this out? At this point who cares? We get it, he was partying.

  • Dave K

    Because he lied and other people lied for him. It’s a big deal. Everyone always talks about accountability. Urban Meyer was criticized as if he handed a gun to Aaron Hernandez for enabling him during college. That’s why this story is a big deal. You have someone calling out Manziel, because Manziel won’t admit fault and others are enabling him.

    • Dave K

      He also didn’t do the job he was committed to

      • seat21d

        How much does this job pay? Maybe that needs to be reported to the NCAA.

    • webadinc

      relax this has been going on for as long as they have been playing football. With social media it’s just put in the public’s face more often. when they start paying college players than they can complain about what they do during the summer.

    • burt

      1. Bourbon St. caters to tourists
      2. tourists have picture-phones
      3. proof would only be a snap away-yet there is none?
      100% BS and you people suck it down like jello

  • http://msn garbageboy

    Looks like this guys two minutes of fame are fast coming to an end. Based on the type of quarterback he is one would think that he would absorb all he could from Manning to increase his chances for a successful NFL career.

  • j simmons

    while I admit to not being a Manziel fan, I am much LESS a archie manning fan. I don’t doubt for a minute it was archie who showed manziel the door and not the Dartmouth coach. archie is just trying to get someone else to accept what he obviously did. just like when he manipulated the nfl draft to put eli where archie wanted him to play and then tried to lie that he didn’t.

  • Edna Hernandez

    just bottle the guy up and see what color it comes out, then go from there…he is either just really stupid, does not care and takes it all for granted or is just plain stupid and very ungrateful…no sense of decency

  • burt

    and nobody took a photo on Bourbon St.- this story smells like @#$%