Johnny Manziel says he overslept at the Manning Passing Camp

Johnny-Manziel-speaks-at-SEC-Media-Days-in-Alabama_102110One of my favorite times of the year is SEC Media Day. This is where we begin to realize that football is just around the corner, and we are usually in for a few really good quotes. Usually they come from Steve Spurrier at the expense of Tennessee, but all eyes were focused on Johnny Manziel as he answered a slew of questions. There were plenty of softballs lobbed at him, as one could expect to keep the mood somewhat loose, but the one everyone wanted to know was about what happened while he attended the Manning Passing Camp.

Late Saturday, a report surfaced from Rumors & Rants that Manziel was sent home by Archie Manning after a long night of partying. Once word began to spread, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen issued a report Sunday that Manziel and the organizers of the camp agreed that he should go home because he was sick, which caused him to miss morning assignments. Then pictures leaked out of Manziel at the bars in College Station Saturday night. A day later, Manziel’s father claimed his son was suffering from dehydration. Finally, there was a report of Manziel apologizing to his teammates and admitting a need for maturity.

So, today at media when asked, we get a little new wrinkle as to what happened, via Dr Saturday:

“I simply overslept. There’s nothing more to talk, and the rumors about the other things weren’t really true. I just overslept and missed a meeting. I absolutely lived up to it. There was no excuse for not having my phone charged or having an alarm set. I was disappointed to not go on being a camper there three or four years prior. I was upset with myself, that was the biggest thing, but hearing Eli and Peyton afterward and the key thing was they wanted me to come back next year, that was great because I had such a great time working with the kids I had and doing some things we do at A&M. I’ve just been on a hectic schedule and overslept.”

Okay, so he doesn’t admit directly to being kicked out, but it certainly put a dent in Mortensen’s ‘sick’ report. Sure, overtiredness could be construed as sick by some, but we aren’t buying it. He overslept, probably because he was out too late, which probably means he was partying, and not catching up on the Hunger Games books. And why did he oversleep and his roommate, AJ McCarron, was on time? He did deny being hungover.

My take, besides Mortensen being wrong and failing to give credit when due, is that a lot of people covered for Manziel, including family, friends, and the Mannings. This is why this kid really hasn’t learned from his mistakes. I’m not saying he is on the path to do something horrible, or that he is doing anything inherently wrong at the moment, but at some point people need to leave him be and let him be accountable for his actions.

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