Former WWE wrestler and a principal part of A-Rod’s security detail

ArodSecurityOh if life couldn’t get any more weird for Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees third-baseman is in the midst of a minor league rehab assignment, and battling MLB and what appears to be a future suspension due to his involvement with the Miami-based Biogenesis clinic. While playing for the Trenton Thunder on Monday, A-Rod appeared at the field for the Reading Phillies and they supplied him with his own personal security detail, which, get this, includes a former WWE wrestler and a high school principal.

According to the Patriot News, Corey Jones, is the principal is in charge of making sure A-Rod turns right or left where ever he goes, or so it seems. Then there is Gene Snitsky, who was best known for his obscene backne while a member of the WWE, is the lead muscle of this 5-man security team.

Apparently this is common behavior from the Phillies AA team, as they have often welcomed several high-profile stars from teh Yankees organization in similar situations. They do their best to keep an eye on these guys to make sure that nothing happens to them.

How hilarious is it that a guy who was probably roiding it up in the WWE at some point is in charge of protecting A-Rod? Reading has one hilarious sense of humor.

Here is some of Snitsky in action back in his WWE days:

A quick update, it appeaers that A-Rod’s security made him feel much more comfortable at the plater. He cranked his first home run of his rehab assignment

H/T @jnorris247 on the HR video.

  • Mike

    Should have posted Snitsky’s “Kick The Baby” promo!! That was freaking epic!! He punts it and then says “It wasn’t my fault!!”