Report: Johnny Manziel kicked out of Manning Camp

hi-res-156906706_crop_650x440According to our friends and Rumors and Rants, Texas A&M quaterback Johnny Manziel was kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy. While organizers of the camp said on Saturday that Manziel was sick, that appears more to be a smokescreen more than anything else.

You may have seen pictures from earlier in the week with AJ McCarron and Manziel at a bar and McCarron talking with Peyton and Eli at what appears to be the same place. From what R&R’s is reporting, Manziel continued partying long into the night and was late, Archie sent him nome.

Sure, partying hard is part of college, but this kind of behavior is not acceptable when you are being given instruction from the First Family of the NFL. As the Heisman Trophy winner and being the BMOC in College Station, Manziel is expected to grow-up, but he appears to put his good times first before showing respect to others, and it appears that Archie is teaching him a lesson. Bottom-line, the family who runs this camp didn’t get to where they are because they partied and then missed practices and/or lessons.

R&R’s also included a tweet in their report from someone in College Station that said that Manziel was out and about back on campus Saturday night. Sick, huh?

I am not in any way comparing Johnny Manziel to Aaron Hernandez, but we expect NFL team’s to be even more critical of player’s character, and pissing off the Manning’s certainly isn’t going to help him.

Update: Chris Mortensen is reporting that it was mutual decision based on Manziel being sick. Peyton Manning gave a statement:

“I enjoyed meeting Johnny,” said Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning “I can remember a 20-year-old Eli (Manning) missing a meeting and catching some flak. We always have counselors who leave early. Johnny was great with the campers for the time he was here. He had to leave early. I wish him the best and I want him to come back as a counselor next year.”

Peyton’s words seem very carefully crafted, as to not bring embarrassment to Manziel, but for a lesson to be learned. Rumors and Rants (specifically site founder Ryan Phillips), was not given credit by Mortensen, as is customary for ESPN to not give credit where it is due.

  • original rick

    Man, the guy is talented but he has to know when to pump the brakes.

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    “Sick” = “Hungover”