The American Athletic Conference was selling B1G and ACC gear

UConn doesn’t have a clue as to who is in their conference, and the American Athletic Conference is busy selling merchandise promoting teams with their new conference affiliations for next season. All in all, it has been a great first three days for the new league.

Rutgers and Louisville are counting the days until they leave for the B1G and ACC, respectively, and the American (that’s what were supposed to call it) seemingly wants to help them to get a jump on their new gear. Though the conference’s store has since taken down the items, Dr Saturday managed to get a nice screen grabs of the items that were on sale for the teams.



What the crap man? Who the heck is running this damn operation? Oh, it’s far worse than just the T-shirts being shown on the site. Checkout the description for the Louisville shirt:


For those who might have trouble reading the small print:

You’re a strong believer in showing people the way. In fact, you’ve converted most of your family to members of the Louisville Cardinals faithful. You also believe that the Atlantic Coast Conference is where all of the real collegiate competition comes from. Celebrate the ACC and Louisville when you wear this ACC Arch T-shirt, featuring arched “Louisville Cardinals” lettering over a team and conference logo. You know that the ACC is truly the best conference of them all, but you want everyone else to be able to see it too!

/Slaps forehead

The Rutgers description wasn’t much better:


You’re a proud supporter of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and you’re pleased to be a part of the Big Ten conference. Show your support of the Scarlet Knights and of the conference with this Big Ten T-shirt. This shirt features a team logo and the Big Ten logo, surrounded by “Rutgers Scarlet Knights” lettering. With this tee you can express your love for your team, as well as the entire conference – as long as they’re not playing Rutgers of course.

Do we know for sure if this is a real football conference? I’m not kidding.

  • starkweather

    Do we know for sure if this is a real football conference? I’m not kidding.

    It seems like most sportswriters are still calling it the Big East so kind of but not really, I guess