Former Bengals cheerleader engaged to her former student

Remember Sarah Jones? She was the teacher by day, Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader by Sunday that was fired from teaching because she had a relationship with a student. Well, it looks like their love was meant to last, as the two are now engaged.


York and Jones announced the engagement on Facebook, and this Mary Kay Laterno-like affair seems to be one to remember.

Jones and Cody York began their sexual relationship while he was only 17-year-old-senior and attending Dixie Heights. Jones pleaded guilty to felony custodial interference and misdemeanor sexual conduct for having sex with a student. She avoided jail-time, and her and York continued the relationship. She agreed to never teach or coach children again as part of her punishment.

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  • Watsonian

    She’s clearly a piece of trash, because only trash would marry someone that wears a LeBron jersey.