Kobe Bryant trolled the Hornets

The big announcement in the NBA today, and the worst kept secret, was that the Charlotte Bobcats would bring back the Hornets name to the city in 2014. The New Orleans Pelicans, left Charlotte after 2002 and took the name with them. Charlotte is reclaiming name with the change in New Orleans. But is it possible the original Charlotte Hornets would still be in existence had things gone differently in 1996? That’s when Kobe Bryant was drafted 13th overall by the Hornets, and subsequently traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac.

Kobe knows that things could have been way different and took to Twitter to remind the fans of Charlotte of what they could have had by giving them this photo in ‘honor of the name change’:


@kobebryant, Instagram

Ouch. Damn, Kobe. That cuts deep.

But Kobe didn’t just ruin it for one team. Follow me for a moment…If Kobe stays in Charlotte, they probably stay put. New Orleans never gets a team, which never gets displaced due to Hurricane Katrina, and never get to play in Oklahoma City, which became an audition for the Seattle Supersonics. So there ya go. In a roundabout way, the Kobe Byrant trade is the biggest reason Seattle doesn’t have a team.

  • douevenlift

    Wrong. Sonics were moving regardless. Larry Ellison would have bought them and moved them to San Jose. Or they would have moved to Anaheim. That arena deal was awful in Seattle and the city did no favors to change it.

    Kobe is the biggest reason OKC has a team if anything. Not the fact that Seattle doesn’t have one.

    • http://thevictoryformation.com Dave K

      you missed the facetiousness of that.

      • cabbage

        I keep telling you we need an eye smiley.

        • cabbage

          *eye roll*

      • mike

        Triple word score on facetious, with Connect Four bonus on connecting the dots.
        Memo to sports fans: un-bunched your panties, order some fried chicken and chase it with blintzes, kosher bacon, or whatever else we eat.

  • Mark A.

    The Kobe draft pick was already worked out to be traded. He would have never been a Hornet