Bucs already hinting at a change at QB

Glennon05_03_13_2_tThe feeling that Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano is not enamored with Josh Freeman as his starting quarterback appeared to have spread to the front office when the Bucs spent their third-round pick on Mike Glennon out of NC State. Not only did the Bucs have Glennon rated as the best QB in last month’s NFL Draft, but they appear ready to fast track him to the starting role if we are reading into the comments of GM Mark Dominik correctly.

Dominik, speaking on a recent NFL.com podcast via JoeBucsFan, had some very interesting things to say about their new rookie QB that may concern Freeman and his job security:

“We’re going to put a lot of pressure on [Glennon] and see a lot of reps from him in the preseason. He’s got to play,” Dominik said. “We may not see as much of Dan Orlovsky or even of Josh Freeman somewhat in the preseason as much as you’re going to see Glennon …

“We’re excited about just the little bit we saw from him [during rookie minicamp] in terms of mentally what he could handle. We kept piling more on him and he kept doing a great job digesting it, regurgitating it and running the team.”

We don’t think the Bucs drafted Glennon just to be a viable backup to Freeman, especially if they are touting him as the highest-rated of his draft class. But it is also important to note that Domink didn’t say that Glennon was getting first team reps, either. We could see him playing the entire second half in most preseason games, after taking over earlier for Freeman in the first half.

Freeman was Dominik’s first draft choice after becoming the GM in 2009, replacing Bruce Allen. This is a team that has added weapons around him, but they have yet to see Freeman take the leap they would like.

Glennon was one of those draft picks that impressed a lot of scouts in workouts. His body of work as fifth year senior at NC State wasn’t all too impressive. While he threw for 27 touchdowns, he also compiled 17 INTs and had a low completion percentage. However, those were the same knocks on Matt Ryan as he came into the league.

Bucs fans shouldn’t read too much into the words of the GM, but it definitely brings some intrigue into what is Freeman’s final year of his rookie contract.

  • cabbage

    Freeman is a serviceable QB, who seems to be either feast or famine during games. If Glennon works out, Freeman would make a capable backup or even starter for teams like Cleveland or Arizona.

  • Johnson

    Josh is very inconsistent. The Bucs need more than Glennon.
    Glennon won’t last long in the NFL. His knees won’t take the strain. He’s like 6’7″ and he’s going to get twisted up like a pretzel in his first season.

  • Orrell

    Freeman was a top 10 QB last season leading an offense that was missing almost half the starters on the offensive line (including their two most dominate linemen). Freeman is a true starter who will have a great year as the o-line gets healthy and the improved Buc’s defense no longer forces him to always play from behind.

    • cabbage

      Calling him Top 10 is pushing it. Talented yes, but too many less than 200 yard games. If he was genuinely a Top 10 QB, that only needed a better OL, the Bucs wouldn’t have drafted a QB with their 2nd pick and not drafted any OL at all. 10th in Total Passing doesn’t make you a Top 10 QB.

  • http://MSN Lou@Ormond Beach, FL

    So tired of hearing about Freeman, need a killer defense first and foremost. When will the Bucs look back in their history and wake up?