Dear Joker Phillips: Please stop

Members of the Florida Gators coaching staff are continuing with their ridiculous tweets in an attempt to lure recruits to Gainesville. All of them are accompanied with the hashtag, #comeplayforthejoker. We’ve seen Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholsen’s Joker, we’ve seen a Kentucky Derby race horse, and even Harry Potter. Now we have the Jokers band. Sigh:


From what we understand, these accounts are run by student assistants who are in charge of promoting the team. It definitely draws attention, but probably not recruits. But, it is better them than the coaches. Right, Will Muschamp?

2 thoughts on “Dear Joker Phillips: Please stop

  1. For every recruit that you might reach with this crap, how many alumni/booster check books does it close?

    You know what attracts recruits and money? Winning

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